Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dungy: One more year

The Colts' not-so-shocking loss to the Chargers on Sunday illustrated -- once and for all -- that Tony Dungy has nothing left to prove in the NFL. Dungy will still go down in history as one of the most underrated chokers in the history of the NFL. Super Bowl 41 will sure cast a seed of doubt that maybe Dungy could actually managed a game that counted, but don't let that a override the mountain of evidence that shows he really wasn't very good at his job.

Dungy is now embroiled in the decision of his life -- does he continue to cement his legacy as this' era's greatest underachiever, or does he follow his life long dream of more gay bashing? That's a real tough call. Especially if that Rudy Giuliani gets the GOP nomination. There will be much more work to be done.

We know that Dungy is not looking to The Hater Nation for advice. But there is going to be time for "smearing the queers" when football is over. Dungy should take advantage of the opportunity to choke more years away in Gomer's prime to really cement his legacy of hatred and underachieving.

What do you say Dungy, how about one more year? Maybe two!


DAWUSS said...

You should schedule an interview with Dungy.

If he lets you.

flohtingPoint said...

While listening to the Drive on the way to work, I heard a report about him stepping down, like most speculated. Looking for validity right now.

Diane said...

He'll be running for political office on a "family values" platform by 2010.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...


Tony Dungy said...

What do you say Dungy, how about one more year? Maybe two!

How about I wreak you assunder and toss your wretched soul into a flaming sea of woe?

GMoney said...

Have you ever noticed that when he's not wearing his hat, Dungy has the same head shape as Soda Popinski?