Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Weak Ender

The New York Giants laying down for the Patriots would be a rather fitting way to end the season. Especially to defensive end Michael Strahan who broke the single-season sack record when Brett Favre took a dive. Turnabout is fair, play right? So expect Strahan, Eli Messiah and the rest of the gang to roll over. Although, how that will be different from most of the December games the Giants play in? That would be funny if the Giants were trounced 45-0 and the media pressure forced Tom Coughlin to concede that his team was actually trying.

The Giants should, however, just mail this one in. Nobody is expect the Cowboys to try at Washington. The 49ers certainly won't be interested in playing at Cleveland. The only team you have to feel bad for is Tennessee who will be playing Indianapolis. That apple polisher Gomer doesn't take games off, and you have to admire him for that. Well, unless you are Jim Sorgi's Mom. Then you know that she must be livid that Gomer has to go out and try hard in every single game.

  • Bucky and Dawuss nailed Lil' Hater's lament in the comment section of the previous post, that being that the NFL finally caved on it's NFL Network game because it involved the New York Giants. Hard to imagine the NFL budging if this was, say, the Patriots vs. the Chiefs. But leave it to the NFL to throw away its only leverage so the country can see the Hefty Lefty go through the motions against the Patriots. Great move. The one question, though, why does America feel like they deserve to have this game on free TV? Where is Congress to demand that Wrestlemania should be on free television? Or the UFC? The NFL and DirecTV should be able to design its own business model. And if the game means that much to you, get a dish or go to bar. Just stop with the bellyaching.
  • Warren Sapp was fined $75K for his temper tantrum in Jacksonville last week. Sapp should have just punched the guy if he was going to lay out that kind of money. This, of course, would have never happened in an Eddie Guns' called contest.
  • The Chargers can wrap up the No. 3 see with a win over the Raiders on Sunday. Still believe that the Chargers would be better off facing the Patriots in the second round. Well, that is if they get to the second round.
God bless the Pac-10 for quitting in its bowl games. The Arizona State game would be disturbing, but Dennis Erickson really hasn't had the chance to bring in his own players yet. Oregon is going to have to start a Leaf. Damn, load up against the rest of the Pac-10 outside of USC. Losers. But hey, the Pac-10 has two teams in the top five in the NCAA hoops and Arizona might just be the best team.

Southern California lost a legend with the passing of Stu Nahan. That name might not be familiar to you outside of Southern California, but you should recognize him from all of the Rocky movies. Or better yet, this famous clip. (Just as Matt P. predicted I would post.)

RIP Stu.

Stu had better be in the Academy Awards montage for stars who have died. If they have a ceremony this year, that is.


DAWUSS said...

So we know what'll happen if the Patriots lose... Don, Bob, and Larry joyously breathe a sigh of relief popping open that champagne bottle.

But what happens if the Patriots win? What will Patriots fans (I guess we can add players and coaches too) be doing if the Patriots go 16-0? ... or what about a little over a month from now if they win the Super Bowl?

I mean, sure we all know Boston sucks that one dude's blog, but what we don't know is what Boston will be doing from 12/29 to 2/3...

But I will say this, we couldn't depend on Rex Grossman to save the world in Super Bowl XLI, and I doubt we can count on Eli Messiah to do the same Saturday....

Either way we lose

Anonymous said...

Despite you seeing all those Giants games in So Cal, you must be an idiot because Lorenzen has been the inactive 3rd string QB since week 3. Anthony Wright is the backup.

WCT said...

"But hey, the Pac-10 has two teams in the top five in the NCAA hoops and Arizona might just be the best team."

Nice pre-emptive strike Adam, because I was chomping at the bit to clown your horrible conference for its bowl game performances. Again. Nice to see you are already copping out and touting its basketball teams.

If Oregon State loses to freaking Maryland, you will never hear the end of it from me

NFL Adam said...

The Pac-10 has mailed in the bowl schedule. Hell, Cal has packed it in since they lost to Oregon State. Not sure what you want to say. I won't blindly support the Pac-10 when even I can see they are struggling. Yet, fans of other conferences never seem to return the favor. Losing in bowl games only seems to make them more defiant.

Hey Anonymous, Lorenzon would play if the Giants pack it in, with A Wright being the No. 2 QB. Why don't you read a little bit.

Bain said...

You all are going to push Adam over the line, and then it's on. He will wail on you.

Seitz said...

Usually as long as $C loses, I'm happy. This year, that meshes nicely with my love for the Illini.

Of course, I fully expect the Illini to get drilled.

Anonymous said...

Here's a stat, when Jim Sorgi plays, the Colts are undefeated

NFL Adam said...

Oregon State must have won its bowl game against Maryland, or else there would be people in here talking about it. But now that the Pac-10 has won, they have gone away.

Sun Devil said...

The best thing about the Holiday Bowl is that during the parade, I was able to snap this picture: