Monday, December 03, 2007

The Post Mortem

Don't know about anybody else, but this had to be one of the most boring, mundane weeks in recent memory. Maybe it was all of the hoopla surrounding the BCS, or maybe it was having the Cowboys vs. Packers on Thursday night, but Sunday just didn't seem special at all.

The NFL was totally overshadowed by Hawaii's stunning come-from-behind win over Washington on Saturday night. Because of that, there is a guest column over at the FanHouse, meaning that the Post Mortem is going to be a little abbreviated today.

That and because the Raiders won their second consecutive game (against the AFC West, mind you) and Eli Messiah actually led his mediocre football team past another mediocre football team.

That was some glowing tribute the Redskins gave for their fallen teammate, losing to the Bills. Wow, that was moving.

The Redskins put only 10 players on the field on their first defensive play of the game (a strategy Norv used during his term in Washington). And the Bills paid tribute to Taylor by running right to the open spot for 25 yards. Good for the Bills. There were some who felt that the Bills should have taken a knee on the play, but why should they? The Bills had one of their players paralyzed this year, and they didn't extend a tribute by only putting 10 people out on the kickoff team.

Wear a decal, put his number in the end zone, but don't expect the other team to lay down for you.

Hard to believe that Norv Turner was actually 0-7 in his career against the Chiefs. Oh wait, that's not hard to imagine at all. But Turner finally rectified one of his worst coaching jobs of the season by going almost exclusively to LaDainian Tomlinson in the second half of a 24-14 win at Arrowhead.

The Chiefs might be one of the worst teams in the NFL. Winning four games seems like a miracle for this team. Damon Huard and Kolby Smith? The Chiefs have a roster as foreign as your typical NFL Europe squad. Jared Allen should be the MVP of the league for leading this team to four wins.

  • Raiders rookie JaMarcus Russell probably shouldn't be asking Sebastian Janikowski for directions to the commissary.
  • The NFL season has seemed empty without the "Fire Millen" stuff. But that should be making a comeback this week.
  • A.J. Feeley has been as generous as Santa Claus in the past two games. And you know how Philadelphia fans feel about Santa Claus.
  • Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for participating in the two worst consecutive prime time games in NFL history.
  • Some are suggestion that the Browns got hosed on a call where Kellen Winslow appeared to be pushed out of bounds on what would have been the winning touchdown against Arizona on Sunday. But you have to earn it on the last play of the game, not rely on the referees. But the NFL should adopt the college rule and get rid of any interpretation of the rules. Because unless it's Eddie Guns, the interpretation is probably wrong.
  • If the playoffs started today, the Kurt Warner Machine and the Cardinals would be the No. 6 seed in the NFC, playing the Seahawks. Not bad.


Conrad Bain said...

Why do Trojan fans watch the games on the toilet?

So they can piss and moan at the same time.

Gaylord said...

Strong effort by Eli yesterday, those G-men are creating some noise come playoff time...

Good call on the last two Pitt games, boring as hell, Little Ben is the worst.

Chris said...

agree about the "force out" rule. If a player gets his feet down, its a catch. If not, its not. But the browns still suck.

GMoney said...

Joe Gibbs is hands down the dumbest coach in the NFL. Between him, Norv, Herm, Billick, Marvin Lewis, etc., the NFL is in the hands of some true idiots.