Monday, December 24, 2007

Congratulations Raiders

Lane Kiffin finally knows what it is like to truly be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. And somebody had better get him the phone number for the West Virginia AD. Stat.

Warren Sapp went ballistic during the Raiders embarrassing loss to the Jaguars on Sunday, drawing three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties culminating in his ejection. The Raiders once prided themselves on being the most penalized team in the league. But that was when the Raiders were getting flagged for late hits and roughing the passer, penalties that served a purpose.

Sapp's meltdown illustrated the new Raiders philosophy, where they display just how stupid they are. Not that it mattered, much. The Raiders were already down 28-3 at the time, and failed on fourth-and-4 from the Jaguars 20-yard line on the previous drive. Sapp obviously wanted to get the hell out of the stadium and probably was at the club long before JaMarcus Russell tossed his third interception of the game.

That's right JaMarcus, turns out that training camp was kind of important. Don't worry though, the Raiders will have a high draft pick to spend to give you some help this year. Maybe even an offensive lineman. Like Robert Gallery.

BTW, is anybody at work today or at the computer? The biggest question being, did anybody bother to watch NFL games yesterday?


DAWUSS said...

BTW, is anybody at work today or at the computer? The biggest question being, did anybody bother to watch NFL games yesterday?

Worse - I listened to the Chiefs-Lions Toilet Bowl matchup over the Internet ( since I didn't want to see the Colts play the Texans on TV.

Anyone think BB is sending Don Shula a bottle of champagne for Christmas?

buckyor said...

I not only am at work today (with few other people in the office, you can actually get some stuff accomplished besides cruising online), I also went to a local establishment yesterday to watch the Packers give away their shot at home field advantage. Although the way they looked in the wind and cold of Soldier Field yesterday, they'd be better off playing anywhere but Lambeau in January.

Diane said...

The games offered yesterday were awful - Jags/Raiders, Chi/GB and NE/Mia . . . I drank wine spritzers on the porch with my neighbors

NorvTurnersFacialCream said...

Visited some family in Madison, Wisconsin so I was watchin the Packers embarass themselves against the shitty Bears. It was great to make fun of my in-laws who are huge cheeseheads. It was even funnier to see the two Bears fans in the house say that even though they suck at least they beat the Packers twice. Talk about lowered expectations. That's why Chicago sports fans (ok, Cubs and Bears. Gotta give respect to Southsiders) suck ass.

Seitz said...

Gotta give respect to Southsiders

No you don't. I was indifferent to Chicago sports fans before I moved there and learned to actively hate them.

Except for Illini fans, of course.

NFL Adam said...

I'm with Diane on this one. I would have been drinking down at the Shorehouse if I wasn't forced to work on Sunday.

Dawuss, I can't imagine what your TV schedule would be like. I hope LA gets a team just show they only broadcast two games each week.

DAWUSS said...

The 1 pm CBS game is still TBA (apparently) and the 4:15 game is apparently the Chargers vs. the Faiders.

So basically instead of getting one game I didn't care about (Colts-Titans) with one I care even less about (Chargers-Faiders)

WCT said...

I wasn't watching the NFL because I was too busy watching bowl games.

By the way, nice effort by your pac-10 bretheren. Then again, they couldn't bean Notre Dame, how could we expect them to beat BYU.