Thursday, November 08, 2007

Welcomg back, Henry

Embattled Bengals receiver Chris Henry celebrated his reinstatement to the NFL by being involved in another off-the-field incident, this time with a valet.

According to the incident report, the valet parking attendant approached Henry and Desious Dyneal Alston, 24, after they parked a Land Rover without paying and started walking away Tuesday. The valet, according to the incident report, said Henry started arguing with him about parking when Baker approached and tried to resolve the argument.

According to the incident report, Baker told police that Henry came up to him and, chest to chest, said, “(Expletive) you. (Expletive) this. Don’t you know who I am?” before throwing a $5 bill on the ground and saying, "You better pick that up (expletive)."

Henry and Alston left the Newport on the Levee in the Land Rover but later returned, the incident report said. Police were called back to the entertainment complex and Henry and Alston were banned from the complex, the incident report said.

You might read this and think to yourself, what an idiot, why would Henry do such a thing? But actually, this was quite a gesture of Henry, showing that he cared about his teammates. By being involved in yet another off-the-field incident, people are no longer talking about how much the Bengals blow. Henry is just being a solid teammate.

And did anybody notice that Henry went to the "do you know who I am card?" Probably because he wasn't wearing his own jersey to this crime.

Despite all of that, the thing that stands out the most is what a dumbass the valet is. When somebody stiffs you, don't run to the police. Instead, you steal all of the change in the ashtray or steal the drugs out of his glove compartment.

Although, this being Chris Henry, maybe he did the right thing.


DAWUSS said...

Send him to Indianapolis, maybe their head coach can introduce him to Jesus

flohtingPoint said...

"And did anybody notice that Henry went to the 'do you know who I am card?'"

Whats worse, asking that or presenting their TOPPS Card like Qyntel Woods?

The Okk said...

Ah, valets. The handicap grocery baggers of the hospitality world.

Fletch said...

Did no one think of the possibility that he went to the "don't you know who I am" card because he was lit up like a firecracker and didn't actually know who he was? He was just asking for some assistance...poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Proving to be an idiot undeserving of the money he's paid. There is another hilarious take on Henry...but this time Travis Henry...over at See Travis Henry Breed-O-Meter.