Friday, November 23, 2007

The Weak Mortem

What are you doing at your computer when you should out shopping? This is kind of a weird week, with a good number or weekend games completed by Friday. But here's a quick look at some of the top stories why your smartly do all of your shopping online, instead of trying to brave the stores.

Who are the biggest University of Oregon Ducks fans right now? The Ohio State University.

But to be fair, they probably will be rooting strongly for UCLA, too, anybody to make sure that USC does go to the Rose Bowl. Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel will likely vote USC No. 1 in hopes that maybe the Trojans can sneak into the BCS title game -- where they deserve to be. Despite all of the best efforts, the Trojans will lkely end up in the Rose Bowl and defeat the Buckeyes by about 50 points.

Arizona State is a pretty good team, but they are going to need another year or two before they are really ready to challenge for the Pac-10 title. Still, you have to credit Dennis Erickson and what he has been able to do in the desert this season. Look for the Devils to smack Arizona and then go on to win the Sun Bowl. Probably not what the crowd at Sun Devil Stadium was expecting Thursday morning, but pretty good compared to what many expected this year.

Of course, the biggest joke will be if Ohio State makes the BCS title game. If you don't play a meaningful game after the third week in November, you don't deserve to play for a national championship. Then again, does the Big Ten ever play a meaningful game? This is your fault, Miami. Because if you hadn't choked, all of the Big Ten myopians wouldn't be able to point to their one fluke national championship. Now if LSU loses (not bloodly likely), that will only give hope to OSU.

  • The winner of the Hawaii - Boise State game should be ushered into the BCS championship game. Especially if Hawaii wins. Because honestly, even the most ardent of Big Ten fans would have to admit that the Big Ten is one equal footing with the WAC. Or at least, if they aren't as good as the WAC, they are close.
  • The Cowboys and Packers both won on Thursday setting up this week's Game of the Century. Hope you enjoy not seeing it on NFL Network.
  • Hard to believe but the Chargers and Raven were the top two seeds in the AFC last season. That being said, the Chargers would be better off with Brian Billick as its coach instead of Norv Turner.
  • Now, many of you would believe that the Chargers will still win the West. But consider that Javon Walker is coming back for the Broncos. Jay Cutler has been looking much better. The Broncos should still be considered the favorite here. Even with that whole "unable to stop the run thing." The Broncos defense has been playing much better, leading your to believe that maybe the Broncos are starting to get Jim Bates' schemes.

Torii Hunter to the Angels? Nothing like getting that text (thanks to Matt P.) while waiting for the Fremont Street Experience's light show. But that's how it went down. And while the move seems strange with Gary Matthews Jr. still in the fold, you have to figure (like most Angels fans) that the Angels are going to be making a big move during the winter meetings. Only, don't trade Howie Hendrick.

Steve Henson gave his take of the deal, saying that despite signing Hunter, the Angels are still a rung below Boston (sure), Cleveland (sure) and the Yankees. Uh, the same Yankees that the Angels have beaten twice in the playoffs? The same Yankees who have done nothing to improve their team, other than signing their already aging stars? Uh, no. That's just wrong.

Alright, go enjoy the holiday.


DAWUSS said...

Can the SoCal cheer-babes get skimpier outfits? Those outfits may have been something like 40 years ago, but not today...

Anonymous said...

Pete Carroll should return to the NFL and Norv Turner should coach USC

Diane said...

In lieu of a shortstop, are the Angels going to play Matthews really, really shallow in center?

Marc said...

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