Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rivers' Meltdown is Coming

Lost in the glow of Philip Rivers' three-touchdown performance against Raven comes a report that the Chargers quarterback told fans to "shut up" after they voiced their displeasure with the team's performance.

This is how it starts. First, you tell some of the fans to shut up. Then you are going to start flipping the bird to fans. The next step is to either tell a reporter to "knock it off," start a dog-fighting ring, or crash your Honda Element into another driver then retire abruptly to play professional handball.

Has anybody noticed that Rivers hasn't quite displayed the composure that you would want from your starting quarterback? And he sure isn't going to be controlled by his coach. No, this is going to have a very bad ending for the Chargers, unless the coach they hire at the end of the season knows what the hell he is doing.

But you can't trust the Chargers to do that.


flohtingPoint said...

lol, love the Jake Plummer reference with the handball. That dude is insane about that stuff, every interview I read, he finds a way to sneak that in. I'm sure even now you can find him stalking the handball courts of Denver, wearing a Pat Tillman mask and sporting a raging boner.

Jake Plummer said...

Stop looking at my boner