Monday, November 26, 2007

The Post Mortem

There are some people who prefer the NFL’s overtime rules to college's rules. Just like there are people who prefer seeded grapes. And in either case, you just don’t want to know those people.

Mike Shanahan is probably not in favor of the NFL's current setup, and who can blame him?

The Broncos have lost two overtime games this season and have not had an offensive possession in either game. And this doesn’t seem goofy to anybody. You could argue that the onus is on the defense to make a stand. Maybe you think the college rules turn overtime into an extended version of the Arena League. Or you may fancy that the college overtime ruins the integrity of the game by given each team an equal chance to score.

So what is the right answer?

Perhaps the best solution is to just call the whole thing a draw. You get 60 minutes to win the game, if not, that’s it. You move on, game over.

But personally, spending an extra 30 minutes or so watching two teams battle from the 25-yard line doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. Maybe people opposed to the college overtime rules would rather be watching DVDs or the Gilmore Girls or Charmed.

Having the game decided on an admittedly smaller field seems better than trusting it to a coin flip. (For the record, seven of the 10 teams that have won the coin flip in overtime went on to win the game.)

  • True story: Britt and Garrett Reid along with Stephen Belichick were not allowed on the sidelines Sunday night because of rules forbidding felons from congregating near each other. Evidentially 53 1/3-yards isn’t enough space.
  • Is anybody surprised that the Eagles were playing in a big game and Donovan McNabb was nowhere near it? The only reason the Eagles were in that game is because McNabb was not playing.
  • Eli Messiah is spokesman for watches. Who were the ad wizards who came up with this idea? Eli Messiah – as boring as looking at a watch.
  • Congratulations to the Oakland Raiders who just ended a 17-game losing streak against the worst division in the NFL.
  • Oops, the NFC West just took offense, citing that they truly are the worst division in the NFL. And while were here, don’t go blaming that loss on the Kurt Warner Machine. As stated here in the past, the first clutch kick made by Neil Rackers will be the first. He’s lucky he didn’t ruin Team THN’s fantasy week.
  • From Matt P: Kurt Warner is not a machine, he’s a man. It’s like Rocky IV. The Russian’s cut, the Russian’s cut …
  • Maybe you can also blame Cardinals receiver Sean Morey who was caught from behind by the 49ers middle linebacker, Patrick Willis.
  • The Chargers were highly motivated to beat Raven on Sunday in hopes that Baltimore will fire coach Brian Billick and he’ll end up in San Diego. But it’s starting to look like the quest for the NFL’s first 7-9 division winner is in danger. But here’s what is going to happen. The Chargers win the AFC West, and play host to Cleveland in the first-round of the playoffs and lose by about 40.
  • Anybody else concerned that now that Bill Callahan is free, he could end up replacing Norv Turner in San Diego? You laugh, but did you think that Turner would ever get another NFL head coaching job?
  • Fred Taylor has been running great, but you have to remember, he has the groin of a six-year old.

Ohio State fans are still holding out hope for a BCS championship game bid, but a 40-point loss to USC in the Rose Bowl is looming. And did anybody else notice that LSU dropped only a handful of spots after a home loss to an unranked team? Too bad the Trojans can’t get a chance to whoop on that team, too. Instead they will have to wait until Loss Miles has the Michigan Wolverines limping into a Rose Bowl.

Honestly, the best possible game for this season would have been for Oregon (with a healthy Dennis Dixon) to take on West Virginia. But Missouri will have to do.

  • There are some people who do not like college football because they don't have a true playoff system. And those people are dopes. Imagine if the LSU vs. Arkansas game was an NFL game for a moment. The Tigers, already securing a win in the conference title game, would have benched all of its starters and the Razorbacks would have won by 50 points. That would have been mighty compelling, right? Maybe it's time that some people embrace both college and the NFL celebrating the differences and just enjoying the games.
  • Please UCLA, keep Karl Dorrell. Until you want to pay big-time money for a big-time coach, you deserve to underachieve every year. But if you are going to fire Dorrell to bring in some other scrub, just stop. And for some reason, I see Chris Peterson being content at Boise State. The Broncos are ranked higher than the Bruins ... why would he want to take a step down?
  • Hawaii deserves to be in a BCS bowl and just think, back-to-back years with a WAC team bringing in a huge payday. But Hawaii might not be so lucky to face such a horrible bowl coach like Bob Stoopes. Of course, the Rainbow Warriors still need to beat Washington, which they should be able to do.
  • Some great firings over the weekend. Hey Nebraska, Art Shell is still available if you are so inclined. Norv Turner should be, too.

If you missed the player introductions during the Colorado vs. Nebraska game, you missed one of the best.

Thanks to Awful Announcing.


Not Terry Benedict said...

Psh, at Boise Peterson has to be perfect to go BCS bowling.

At UCLA he can find himself in a position where his program could either not go bowling at all or play in a BCS game. And this future is completely uncertain going into the final week of the season.

Way worth a pay cut.

DAWUSS said...

In case you haven't noticed, in either system, defense wins OTs

... and who the hell let the wrong Manning do commercials?

flohtingPoint said...

Things went ok (aside from getting obliterated by USC) this weekend. Oregon lost, allowing Arizona State to possibly get one of the at large bids, but more importantly, Kansas lost. This was a key ingredient to making sure this season was not a total feces fiesta. Now, if Mizzou can get knocked off by Oklahoma, all the better, as neither Kansas or Mizzou have any business being in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the Broncos didn't get the ball in overtime. But they shouldn't change the overtime rules, unless the new rule is that kickers stupid enough to kick it to Devin Hester over and over aren't allowed to play in the game.

buckyor said...

The Broncos have nothing to bitch about. If they were so concerned about losing in overtime, they should try not giving up 14 points to the toothless Teddy Bears in the final 4.5 minutes. Any team that lets Rex Grossman march down the field for a TD in the final seconds has no business crying about overtime rules.

As for the Cardinals-Neil Rackers actually made the clutch kick. In true Cardinal fashion, however, they failed to snap the fucking ball in time. Is that on Rackers, the holder, or the long snapper? Either way it's a mistake most high school teams don't make. And the Kurt Warner Machine should get its share of blame too. First for awful clock management at the end of regulation; because of Warner's dicking around, the Cards only had one shot at the end zone at the end of regulation, when they could have had several. Then, for holding the ball for an eternity while standing in the end zone. Christ, isn't he supposed to be the experienced one on that offense? How long does he expect to be able to sit in the pocket while in the freaking end zone? Truly, only the Cards could lose a game like this.

Chris said...

wait, there are still Cards fans?

flohtingPoint said...

wait, there are still Cards fans?

Sadly have been one all my life, and will probably remain that way until I die, in 2050, when the Cardinals make the playoffs for the 3rd time in my life.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

good call on mcnabb

i hear you on college being cool and every game important with no playoff, but i think florida would win a playoff this year...oh well.

WCT said...
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WCT said...

If the Trojans are so good, then how the hell did they lose at home to a team that lost to Notre Dame?

By the way, ND is 2-1 against the Pac-10 and 0-3 against the Big Ten...

flohtingPoint said...

If the Trojans are so good, then how the hell did they lose at home to a team that lost to Notre Dame?

The same way Arizona State lost to USC two years ago. The QB had an injured throwing hand.

WCT said...

No, Arizona State lost to USC two years ago because USC was the second best team in the country at that time. Second to Texas as we would later find out.

Maybe Notre Dame should join the Pac-10. I think they could've won it this year.

flohtingPoint said...

No, Arizona State lost to USC two years ago because USC was the second best team in the country at that time. Second to Texas as we would later find out.

I got that game on video if you'd like to re-watch it. ASU came out blazing and was up big at the half. At the start of the 3rd qtr, Sam Keller fell apart, you could see his thumb affecting his throws and the poor passing that followed crumbled the Sun Devil's chances.

WCT said...

I remember that game like it was yesterday. That was during the time period when ABC force-fed those of us on the east coast USC every goddam week. ASU had a 21-3 lead and ended up blowing it.

Keller got hurt, but that had nothing to do with Reggie Bush and LenDale White running through that Sun Devil D like crap through a goose. USC was clearly the better team.

DAWUSS said...

Maybe Notre Dame should join the Pac-10.

Notre Dame prefers being this Big-10/Pac-10 wannabe along with having their exclusive NBC coverage

flohtingPoint said...

Keller got hurt, but that had nothing to do with Reggie Bush and LenDale White running through that Sun Devil D like crap through a goose. USC was clearly the better team.

Same for overseas. I was in Germany at this time and all we got was USC and SEC football.

Keller, when healthy and throwing to a semi-competent Derek Hagan/Zach Miller, was extremely volatile. Did you catch the LSU/ASU game when he destroyed LSU for 400+ yards and four/five td's (ASU lost that one on a TD that wasn't but was given to LSU anyway because of Katrina sympathy), or how up until Sam hurt his hand he was getting massive heisman hype?

I'll not argue with Lendale and Reggie killing ASU, especially in the 2nd half, but when Sam came out there flat and the interceptions started happening, the game took a turn for the worse. Regardless of whatever rushing attack USC was eating ASU up with, a healthy Sam would have put a win on the board.

Dee's Nuts said...

Appalachian State get to collect its banner for going undefeated against the Big 10?

Anonymous said...

Wow, and NFL player has been shot and there are no tasteless jokes here on THN. You guys are slipping.

Terri Schiavo said...

I shot Sean Taylor.

TJ Rubley said...

AJ Feeley... what a clown. That was the worst pass I've ever seen.

McLean Stevenson said...
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McLean Stevenson said...

I thought I saw Sean up here earlier, but I must have been mistaken.