Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Blows More?

The 2007 season hasn't reached the halfway point yet, and already the season is a smashing success. Namely because the St. Louis Football Team and Oakland Raiders both suck. And they are not going to get any better -- at least not for the conceivable future. The main reason is the quarterback position. Both teams are lead by quarterbacks who could use another season of NFL Europe. If that league still existed, of course. So the question on everybody's mind is, who blows more, Daunte Culpepper or Marc Bulger?

  • The case for Culpepper: Everybody proclaimed that the old Daunte Culpepper was back when he accounted for five touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins. But two things that those myopians never considered -- Randy Moss no longer plays for the Raiders. And the Dolphins are the worst team in the National Football League. The old Culpepper just heaved balls into the air and let Moss come down with the football. Pretty much what Tom Brady is doing right now. And while all of the media wonders if the Patriots can match the 1972 Dolphins, the current edition of the team looks to challenge the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in terms of futility. Remember, there was a reason why the Raiders wanted to start Josh McCown while he was riding in wheelchair. When Josh McCown is considered a better alternative, you really, really must blow. A-hole.

  • The case for Bulger: The St. Louis apologists will likely point out that Marc Bulger lost his best lineman and running back-- Pro Bowlers Orlando Pace and Steven Jackson -- and has played with bruised ribs behind a makeshift offensive line. And it's true. In fact, Bulger is the only quarterback in the NFL who has been injured this season. And the St. Louis football team is the only team that has suffered injuries to its offensive line. Nobody else has to face a crisis like this. Oh wait, every team has injuries. The Ravens have injuries and they are still winning. No put this one on Bulger who is leaning on the injury card like a partisan politician points the finger. There is no coincidence that Bulger has limped through a season after signing that huge extension. Even Shaun Alexander thinks you should earn your money. Jerk.

Who blows more?
Daunte Culpepper
Marc Bulger
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Anonymous said...

Who does each blow?

Bain said...

The Ravens have injuries and they are still winning.

Who are the Ravens?

You're slipping.

Raven said...

A part of me died today.

The Blue Meanie said...

Gee boss ... when did you become plural?

Lil' Hater said...

Could you imagine if Norv was either one of their coaches?

Kaizen said...

Philip Rivers should be on this list

NFL Adam said...

You might be right.