Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shanahan: Evil Genius

The Chargers looked like a real life NFL football team on Sunday, as the team rushed for more than 200 yards in a win over the Broncos. Everybody on the Chargers roster seemingly had a rushing touchdown. So this was obviously a bad day for Mike Shanahan.

Or was it?

Even A.J. Smith would have had to relent and admit that Norv Turner blew if the Chargers couldn't muster anything against the pitiful Broncos run defense. So Shanahan probably played it coy, and allowed the Chargers to rush at will against his team, ensuring that Turner was going to be retained to be the coach of the Chargers. Sometimes you can win through losing, and the AFC West will win as long as Turner continues to put up these small, meaningless victories that will keep him employed.

Turner is on pace for that magical 7-9 mark that should win the AFC West and put the Chargers in the playoffs as the first sub .500 team to ever do so. And even the Chargers can fire a coach who took the team to the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

Don't look now, the media will start to fawn over the Chargers again and have you believe the ship has been righted.

Which was probably Shanahan's plan all along.


Anonymous said...

good job here. don't let up. don't enjoy a win, you twerp.

DAWUSS said...

CB made a good call on Denver's run D a few weeks back

Diane said...

Hey, how did the Angels fare in post-season play?

Complain all you want but that Chargers win helped power me to another Mother's pool victory

Larry Brown said...

I feel like Cal when he discovered Andy was a virgin -- it all makes sense now!!!

CarlYaztremski'sSideburns said...

Damn, you'd think you'd be more positive about the only stinkin' win you got all weekend (after the Angels got swept and USC got dumped by the worst team in the PAC 10).

C. Bain said...

In Hater's defense -- I am always coming to his defense -- he did say that only a PAC 10 team could beat mighty Merrill David Booty. So there's nothing in the USC debacle for him to eat crow about. As a matter of fact, it could turn out to be a steller prediction.

The Charger's take is also dead on, almost visionary. How many of you Chargerfans will be clapping when they win the AFC West at 8-8 and the owners say, "See, chumps? We told you the marine iguana was good! Sign here, Norv!"

Did you see LT and Merrill Howard Rivers celebrating on the sidelines like high school players? Have you ever seen two athletes with less of an idea of what it actually takes to be champions?

Shit, I could have posted this at my own blog and my wwork for the week would be done...