Monday, October 08, 2007

The Post Mortem

Wonder what Frank Caliendo is up to these days? That dude should have his own show.

The Angels are out of the baseball playoffs and it’s not a shock or surprise to anybody who knew that the team just didn’t have the punch to compete in the AL. The Angels roster is great to win, day-in, day-out over 162 games, when you see fourth and fifth starters on a weekly basis. But matched up head-to-head with big time pitchers, that lineup is easy to shut down.

The most disappointing thing, however, is that David Ortiz and/or Manny Ramirez are not eating out of a feeding tube. At least one of them (or both) deserved to be ear-holed for Friday night. Teams hit Vladimir Guerrero at will, with no fear of retaliation. Talk about the lack of a big bat all you want, but not protecting Vlade with bean balls is way worse. This also makes the Angels look weak. Well, not as weak as being swept out of the playoffs again by the Red Sox because your third baseman weighs 150 pounds (and hits much lower than that).

Now we can spend the offseason with a wish list that includes Adam Dunn, but odds are the team will end up with another Shea Hillenbrand-type of signing and the promise of another prospect.

Let’s see if you have heard this story goes. A starting quarterback goes down and Kurt Warner rides in to save the day. In St. Louis, no less. The Warner Machine, who has looked good in his quarterback platoon with Matt Leinart, will be the full-time quarterback for the next six-to-eight weeks after the starting quarterback fractured his left collarbone.

Warner should be good, but it seemed like he really thrived in his change-of-pace roll. The fear is now teams will be able to key on Warner and really use his lack of mobility to get to him.

Or he could just shove it up everybody’s ass, win another MVP award and lead the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Whatever the outcome will be, this is one of the most interesting storylines for a league that is desperately seeking some.

How bad is your college football weekend when San Diego State’s victory over Colorado State is the highlight? Funny thing about the USC loss to Stanford, but the credit should go to Bill Walsh. Weeks before the legendary coach passed away, he placed two phone calls to Pete Carroll to tell him to take it easy on Jim Harbaugh, according to a report in the Orange County Register.

That message was take it easy, Pete, not give them the game. Carroll seemed so intent on not blowing out the Cardinal, he let them into the game. Either that of John David Booty just blows. Remember those Booty for Heisman campaigns? Nobody else does either.

And how about Karl Dorrell. That didn’t take him long to completely dismantle all of the good will that he had built up following his upset of USC. Dorrell might already be fired by the time you are reading this, so just in case, good luck Karl.

Laugh it up Pac-10 haters, you've earned it.

  • If Kansas City isn’t the worst team in the NFL, they are damn close. That makes San Diego’s loss last week even more pathetic. But don’t be sold Chargers fans.

  • The NFL was in need of another dude to taunt a motionless player, like Houston's Travis Johnson did to Trent Green. Chuck Bednarik obviously appreciated that.

  • Roger Clemens career is probably done. But don’t look now, they are going to come back and win the series. That’s a guarantee. One that would be much better than THN’s college picks. Wow, those things are awful. Remember, those are just for entertainment purposes only.

  • Don’t let the score fool you, Cleveland was making things uncomfortable for New England. Somebody is going to get to them, soon.

  • St. Louis Football Team is chasing history. Can they do 0-16? That would be fitting.

  • That lack of a running game was bound to catch up to the Packers eventually. But don’t get too giddy Bears fans, you aren’t going anywhere. Nobody is going to catch the Packers. Like who do you think would, the Lions? What happened Detroit? Shaun McDonald disappeared and it had better not cost yours truly a win in fantasy football.

Credit the Arizona Diamondbacks for a pretty hilarious spoof of the Kiss Camera.

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The Big Picture said...

karl dorrell has turned UCLA into one of the most inconsistent teams in the country. the bruins start strong, get humiliated by a two-loss team, handle UW...then this mess. at least the cheerleaders are hot.

WCT said...

Big 10 vs. Notre Dame - 4-0
Pac 10 vs. Notre Dame - 0-1

just sayin...

Conrad Bain said...

If I was the Cardinals, I'd do a "Stem Cell Cam" on a fertility clinic dumpster. Every time Warner completes a drive, they could show his legions of fans applauding in their petri dishes.

They could also have clocks showing how many people were diagnosed with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's during Kurt's drives.

Kaizen said...

I was looking forward to see Notre Dumb at least 0-8. Thanks Bruin for being sucktastic

As much as Favre's pick to Urlacher sucked, definitely it was a collective effort by the Fudgies to give the game away to the Bores. Too many freebies, even a shitty team could take advantage. At least Favre can stop worrying about that INT record.

Was Brenda "Wired Haired Goblin" Warner sighted this weekend?

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

So what you're saying is that the Jets and the Giants battling it out for NY bragging rights isn't a great storyline? Whaaaaaaa?

Anonymous said...

Jim Sorgi is the greatest QB ever

Sun Devil said...

Nothing about Favre? Last night, he had the opportunity to prove he is the best ever. He had the ball with 2 minutes left, his team down by a touchdown. And what does he do? He goes out there and throws a pick to tie the all time record. He truly is the greatest interception throwing QB of all time now, and he deserves some respect.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout 'dem Devils, eh SD?

Jake the Snake said...

Nobody can (hic) intercept a handball, thank God.

Fletch said...

Just in cast you didn't know, gambling was illegal. Wink wink nudge nudge. Read my football picks! [/Simmons]

Sun Devil said...

How 'bout 'dem Devils, eh SD?

Already being virtually guaranteed a bowl game on Oct 6 is pretty good.

If we can take 4 of our last 5, it will be the Rose Bowl. Or we'll get the shaft and go Holiday Bowling. But San Diegans are assholes.

Diane said...

Game, set and match to CB.

Not Terry Benedict said...

Watching UCLA football is like watching the Raiders (previous to this season). Lots of stupid penalties, clueless management of the most important position in the game (QB) and a roster of players that regularly quits on the coaching staff.

Conrad Bain said...

Where the hell is Adam? He didn't keel over during the Boys/Bills game, did he?