Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hochuli Is Going to Sue Someone

Has anybody seen this new Subway commercial?

The commercial is kind of amusing -- though Southwest did basically the same thing years ago. But what Southwest didn't do is make fun of the greatest referee in the world, Eddie "Guns" Hochuli. Don't think so? Take a closer look at the commercial.

The referee is wearing Hoch's No. 85. The referee is over-explaining a call. But instead of Hochuli's trademark guns, this referee is super skinny.

Eddie G is going to be pissed. Not because this commercial is unfunny, but the fact that Eddie Guns never misses a call.


Expect an injunction any day now, or at the very least, a serious beat down of that jerk Jared. Hate that guy.


Anonymous said...

I smell cross-over promotion.

bucky said...

Ed would never sue anybody.

DAWUSS said...

Maybe Eddie Guns gave permission for that commercial. You never know....

Anonymous said...

When Eddie Guns called that false start/ bad snap instead of a fumble to fuck the Eagles last week I was in awe of how awesome he was.

He actually made a mistake in that game though. The time left in the quarter was around 10:14 and he stopped the game and told the crew to add a minute to game clock. A few seconds later he said that it should be a minute less and thus the clock went to 9:14.

NFL Adam said...

Eddie Guns never makes mistakes. The rule book is written incorrectly.