Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bolts Smith new Halos GM

Maybe A.J. Smith is not going to be the Angels new general manager, but think of what he pulled off yesterday. By acquiring veteran receiver Chris Chambers, Smith did the unthinkable -- a rare trading deadline blockbuster in the NFL. Some as foreign in the league as a Norv Turner winning season. Smith now has more blockbuster deadline deals than retired Angels G.M. Bill Stoneman, with one.

So maybe Smith wouldn't be such a bad choice to be the Angels G.M., just don't let him hire a manager.


james said...

the chargers could have had chambers for a seventh round pick before the season started, and instead sent a second round pick. this move will have no impact.

Seitz said...

Remind me again, what contributions did big name acquisitions make for the eight playoff teams this year?

And how'd that Teixeira deal turn out for the Braves? I can't remember seeing them play any games this month.

NFL Adam said...

Wait a minute, you don't think the Angels could have used Teixeira? Although, Kotchman was awesome puking so hard that he almost passed out. But hey, that could have happened to anybody.

Seitz said...

I think they can use Brandon Wood, Joe Saunders, and Nick Adenhart even more. And I still think they would have lost with Teixeira. And they would lose Teixeira after next season anyway.