Friday, September 28, 2007

The Weak Ender

So the Brazil women’s soccer team defeats the United States and Milene Domingues (pictured) doesn’t have the decency to rip off her top. And let that be a lesson to you as, outside of Milene, that Brazilian soccer team looks nothing like that infamous Brazilian soccer team that once graced the pages of the Latin America version of Playboy. Kind of a jip.

The loss was a huge upset for the favored Americans. But U.S. women’s soccer coach Norv Turner says that he is not worried at all about his team not reaching expectations and that the whole thing is a process.

Actually, that would be the least of his problems. As first noted on Sports by Brooks, Lions receiver Roy Williams admits that he’s Scottish, err, really cheap because he does not tip the pizza delivery boy. In fact, Roy brazenly states that when he orders a pizza, the kids at the pizza shop know they are delivering it for free. And if they know they are delivering it for free, they are doing unspeakable things to that pizza. Believe the stories, it's all true.

As refreshing as it is to see a player not blow his millions on multiple cars, jewelry for his teeth and other extravagances (especially with the way football pioneers are fighting for their pensions), can Roy just kick down a buck for the pizza delivery guy? Yes Roy, not everybody received a $100,000 education because they can catch a football, some kids do need to actually work their way through school.

The Kurt Warner Machine said all of the right things this week deferring to Matt Leinart, as he let the world know that this was his team. And Leinart, in turn, put a towel over his head and walked out of the locker room. Leinart did eventually speak to the media on Wednesday and indicated that he was not worried about losing his job to Warner. But his actions on Monday afternoon showed other wise. There would be no shame losing your job to a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

But credit to Ken Whisenhunt for at least thinking outside of the box. He is doing something innovative, or at least hasn’t been tried in a number of weeks. And the NFL, being a copycat league, is starting to take notice. Bears coach said anytime they need a game-crippling interception, they are going to put Rex Grossman into the game.

  • How long has it been since the most anticipated game of the weekend was actually on Monday night? Seems like Monday Night Football is an afterthought as all of the football fans are going to be ignoring it anyway – but this week actually has a certified good match up. Well, until Rudi Johnson was ruled out by the Bengals. In fact, this will be the first time a Bengals starter actually misses a game for something other than being in jail. It’s true.
  • The game is so big in Cincinnati, the police department has pledged to not shoot a minority from now until Tuesday morning. Wow, that would be a bigger upset than the Bengals winning.
  • Joey Porter predicted that the Dolphins would be the Raiders this week. He also said take the Globetrotters over the Generals, and that France would surrender in the next world war. Wow, those jokes are more outdated than a Krusty the Klown reference.
  • The greatness of the Raiders; for years the Raiders have bragged about being the most successful sports franchise. Now their fans are wallowing in the fact that they are tied with the Chargers. Congratulations. But excuse us if we aren’t going to go crazy over a team who finally snapped an 11-game losing streak by taking a page out of the Denver Broncos playbook. The NFL world will snap back on its axis this week as the Dolphins beat up the Raiders. There is no way the Raiders are going on a two-game winning streak. Although, if you had to pick one coach who Lane Kiffin could outsmart, Cam Cameron might be one. Norv Turner, of course, would be the other.
  • Speaking of the Chargers, Cris Collinsworth did a good job of breaking down the team in his weekly column. People in the league circles are really being kind of Norv Turner, but why? He is that bad. Mike Sherman would have been a better choice.
  • Here’s an interesting note, LT rushed for more than 100-yards in the season opener against Oakland last season. He didn’t top 100 rushing yards until Week 8 against the St. Louis football team. So maybe it’s not time to panic because Norv Turner could be hit by a bus.
  • With all of that said, you are nuts if you take the Chargers and give 14 points. The Bolts will squeak out a victory here.
  • The St. Louis Football Team is going to open the season 0-4. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the small victories.
  • Everybody knows about the Falcons trading Matt Schaub, but don’t forget that Bobby Petrino also passed on defensive phenomena Amobi Okoye who played for the Falcons coach at Louisville last year. Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t trust Petrino with the personnel decisions. The guys the Falcons did draft, Jamal Anderson, has done about as much as Mike Vick's pit bulls this year.
  • The Giants are dead if Plaxico Burress is hurt. People talk about Carolina's Steve Smith being the most indispensable receiver in the NFL, but Burress has made the Messiah’s, albeit lousy, career.

Former St. Louis Football Team coach and Kentucky head man, Rich Brooks, told Jim Rome that there were five teams as good as USC in the SEC. What’s with this conference’s inferiority complex with USC?

Oh that’s right. The Trojans have fisted a couple of SEC teams on the road in recent years.

If Brooks want to continue on the moronic notion that the SEC is better, top-to-bottom, than the Pac-10. Fine. Believe what you want. But when you want to make the case that nearly half of your conference is better than USC is just intellectually dishonest and actually makes you look worse. Have you ever noticed that Pete Carroll just shrugs this stuff off and goes about his business, while all of the SEC coaches continually talk about it? Wonder why that is.

  • One of the most interesting highlights of this weekend will be Alabama heading to Florida State. Hard to imagine that Bobby Bowden has never played against the Crimson Tide, right? Seems like a game like that would be as natural as a can of Skoal in the South. Florida State, for whatever reason, is favored, but Alabama will win this game.
  • Ian Johnson’s wife (they did get hitched) is no longer a cheerleader for Boise State, but sure was able to grab a lot of camera time on Thursday night. Well, not as much as the Boise State player who rushed to the outhouse during the game. Obviously indoor plumbing has not made it to Boise's locker room.
  • UNLV crushes Utah and they are a dog to the Wolf Pack? Not a chance here, take the Rebels.
  • Cal would be pretty impressive if it was able to go into Eugene and beat the Ducks. But just can’t see that happening.
  • The biggest letdown of the weekend will be when South Florida plays host to West Virginia. The Bulls defeated the Mountaineers last year on the road, but that will only go to motivate West Virginia. This has the makings of a serious rout, despite the fact that the Tampa area is going nuts over this game.

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Mike Gundy said...

Nobody better go after my players this week. IF YOU WANNA' COME AFTER SOMEONE, COME AFTER ME! I'M 40!!!!

gaylord said...

Plexiglass looked fine when he was streaking 30 yards for the gamewinning TD last week, don't worry about the G-men. Long live the Messiah!!!!!

Not Terry Benedict said...

"There is no way the Raiders are going on a two-game winning streak."

Hey, if Art Shell 2.0 can do it anyone can.

Bud Grant said...

Death once had a near-Bud-Grant experience.

OldSkoolRaidersFan said...

wrhe you at Chargers bitchez!!!


Brett Favre said...

I want to apologize to all of my fans for my play this year. In focusing on the big record, I forgot that it's losing the big game that really matters. The record will come in due time, and I will go out there and try not to disappoint you all with my performance.