Friday, September 21, 2007

The Weak Ender

Angie Harmon is back this fall on ABC as a cop who plays by her own rules, blah, blah, blah. The two important things here are that Angie will be running around this fall carrying a gun. Hot. And while she continues to get work, that means her sham marriage to Jason Burnhorn will mercifully be coming to an end soon.

Of course, you all hate her politics and that fact that she doesn’t have a fake rack like Pamela Anderson as you can see in this contest here and for those of you, and you know what? Don’t care.

Uh, is there one?

What’s the one NFL game that you are clamoring to see? The Chargers and Packers game seems interesting because you have to wonder how long the Chargers will struggle before somebody, namely A.J. Smith, realizes that Norv Turner is a dope. That’s not happening. At least not until both are unemployed at the end of the year.

Besides, even if Norv was a credible coach, there is nothing he could do to improve the Chargers secondary, which is very vulnerable. George Blanda should rest easy because his interception record isn’t in jeopardy this weekend. Dan Marino’s touchdown record is, as Brett Favre will likely light up San Diego.

  • No matter how much they preach about parity, you can’t believe it until a team such as Arizona marches into Baltimore and punks a team like the Ravens. And as cool as that would be, you just can’t see it. The Cardinals offensive line, with all of that inexperience, might be able to pull off wins against teams like Seattle, but don’t expect them to beat the Ravens. Even if Kyle Boller ends up playing quarterback again. Speaking of that, when was the last time Steve McNair actually practiced? Allen Iverson must envy him.
  • That’s what it’s come down to, breaking down Arizona Cardinals games. Fun.
  • We should see what the Cowboys and Bears are made of this weekend. The Bears looked awful against an average Chargers team and kind of worse against the below average Chiefs. The Bears need to do something against the Cowboys. If Roger Goodell really cared about the league, he'd fine the Bears $500k for starting Rex Grossman.
  • St. Louis has played two home games to open the season, and lost. St. Louis stands at 0-2, and they have a really good chance to go 0-3 when they travel to Tampa Bay to take on THN Patron Saint, Jon Gruden, and the Buccaneers. If Gruden wants to stay on our good side, he’d better win this game. In fact, that will probably be is pregame speech. “Men, if we don’t want to get on THN’s (expletive) list like Jim Sorgi’s mom, then we had better win here.” But maybe Gruden is misinformed because THN loves Jim Sorgi’s mom.
  • Easiest game to pick this week? Giants over Racial Slurs. Teams coming off Monday night wins just don’t win the following week. And you have to add in the “desperate team” mantra, and the Giants are a perfect candidate to win. Book it.
  • How will you remember the Joey Harrington era in Atlanta?
  • Don’t buy the hype on Houston this week. The Colts will run them out of the building at home. Jim Sorgi’s mom feels like this may be the week that her boy gets into the game. But Peyton won't do that. He'll wait to blow out the Texans in the fourth like a jerk.

How good are the Sun Devils? You can rap Dennis Erickson for a lot of things, but the dude is a good college football coach. And he has the Devils looking pretty good, even if it is against teams such as San Diego State and Colorado. So this weeks’ game against Oregon State should be an interesting test.

But come on, this isn’t a real test is it? Mike Riley is the Norv Turner of college football. He’s the nicest guy in the world, but he wilts on the sideline against an imposing presence. The thing is, Arizona State looks as though they could be the biggest challenge to USC this season, not Cal.

  • Oklahoma is at Tulsa this week. Way to butch up that schedule, Sooners. People disrespect Boise State because it plays in a perceived weak conference, but what about the Sooners? Miami turned out Texas A&M in the OB on Thursday night (more on that in a second) and let’s not forget about Nebraska, Colorado, and even Texas who had trouble with one of the directional Florida schools. The Big XII is a joke, and let’s not forget that Boise State beat Oklahoma last year in the Fiesta Bowl.
  • If so many teams hadn’t take a piece of Auburn, New Mexico State would be a great upset pick here. But this game sends up a very big red flag because you could make a case either way.

Miami is leaving the Orange Bowl to take up new digs at Dolphin Stadium. This is a stupid move. Just plain stupid. The ESPN dopes were talking about how difficult it is for Miami to recruit players to the Orange Bowl that was dedicated on December 10, 1937.

Yeah, how can a college program expect to compete against the rest of the country playing in a building that is well over 60 years old?

Oh wait, how old is the Coliseum? USC seems to have no problem convincing kids to play in the Coliseum and you can’t say that the amenities are that much nicer. Just be truthful, Miami, you want to make some money off luxury boxes and stuff at the expense of ridding yourself of any mystique that Miami once had. Screw you, Miami. You are robbing college football of one of the best venues in the sport, all because the hallways are a little cramped and the media doesn't have all of the creature comforts as these new shopping malls/stadiums. The cool thing about college football is that it isn't the NFL, so don't play in their lame stadiums.


QueeferSuthrland said...

The fact that Kim Kardashian is in the top 10 while Angie so far below her proves that list is bogus.

Pierre LePud said...

Sean Avery is a marginal NHLer, and he's tapping Elisha Cuthbert. And Mike Modano has this.

If Angie Harmon went hockey groupie, she couldn't even snag Dallas Drake.

Sun Devil said...

Glad to see you've come to your senses.

Diane said...

Angie Harmon is the poor man's Elisabeth Hasselbeck

NFL Adam said...

And I'm a fan of both.

The Big Picture said...

angie harmon would look better with a fake rack.

Diane said...

Adam, Adam, Adam, if you're going to fantasize about right wing nut jobs, go all the way and get an Ann Coulter poster

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

I call Rumsfeld Resigned on Queefer Suthrland. That name was old on the way out of the theatre after seeing him play Ace in "Stand By Me."

bucky said...

Diane said...
Angie Harmon is the poor man's Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Actually, considering the careers and current employment status of their respective mates, I think it's fair to say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the poor man's Angie Harmon.

NFL Adam said...

Hey Tuck Rule, at least Queefer would have taken the free room at the Hilton Suites.

BTW, love Angie and Elisabeth.

Anonymous said...

Those Giants had better come in or else we're going to come looking for you.

Sun Devil said...

Perhaps next week's weak ender, ASU's first attempt under Erickson to win a game in Cali since 2002, should feature these fine young professional women (linked in my posted name).

NFL Adam said...

I thought you were going for the ASU cheerleader turned porn star. Nice find.