Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Super Bowl Buzz Kill: Raiders

Your team isn't going to the Super Bowl, so why have any optimism? The Hater Nation brings you back to reality with the Super Bowl Buzz Kill. Why your team won't win the Super Bowl:

The Oakland Raiders

Do we really need to go here? There are so many different ways why the Raiders will not go to the Super Bowl, probably not in Al Davis’ (what will hopefully be much longer) lifetime. There are those that point out that Super Bowl 37 isn’t that far away and maybe Davis can recapture that magic. But that’s more myth, which is something in heavy supply in Oakland.

There are those who believe that Al Davis always has the ability to mine great young coaching talent, but was that ever actually the case? He hit a home run with Mike Shanahan, who he sacked before he could ever become successful for the Raiders. And we are all familiar with Jon Gruden. But take a look at the names that span those two coaches: Art Shell, Mike White and Joe Bugel. And the names after Gruden include Bill Callahan, Norv Turner and Shell, again.

Yep, he sure does mine that young coaching talent.

Besides, the word is out on Davis and all of that fabled young coaching talent has passed on coaching the Raiders starting with Sean Payton and pretty much the entire coaching profession. You could say that part of the problem is that the Raiders don’t pay. Well, the Steelers don’t pay and they ended up with Mike Tomlin. Keep an eye on Tomlin working the sidelines and compare him to Lane Kiffin. Both coaches are the same age, yet Tomlin looks like he’s fully in charge on the sidelines, while Kiffin looked like a befuddled high school kid whose girl friend got into the car of another guy after Shanahan punked him.

And that’s just the coaching staff. The Raiders current quarterback situation is so bad that Josh McCown playing with a broken foot and a broken hand is the best alternative possible. This is a team that would clamor for somebody with the skill set of Jake Plummer. So they looked to the draft for help, and then didn’t sign their top pick, JaMarcus Russell, until a week ago rendering him useless for the season.

There is more, but why pile on? The Raiders aren’t close to the Super Bowl and a two-win buzz kill might have been more appropriate.


Conrad Bain said...

Kiffin stuck it to Shanahan with that onside kick, and the old man made him pay for it good. But the boy exposed something the Donks don't want people talking about yet yet: you can run it against Denver all day long. If anything happens to Lynch, the Donks are dead.

NFL Adam said...

That seems like the feeling. The Broncos could very easily be 0-2 right now. The Bills also proved that they could run against Denver, too. Marshawn Lynch, on his 23-yard touchdown run against Denver, carried at least one Broncos defender into the end zone with him.

Semen Rice said...

Just wait til I get in the mix more often

Bain said...

Rice will help provide a pass rush, but that won't mean much if other teams never have to pass it. The Donks' problems are right smack in the middle. Dom Deluise could break for 20 through some of those holes.

Vidal Sassoon said...

Lane Kiffin gets my vote for prettiest hair

Sportaphile said...

Due to the fact that the raiders were close to winning both games, I'm gonna hold off on throwing in the towel for just a little bit longer.

Maybe I'm hoping just a little too much since I live in oakland..