Monday, September 17, 2007

Lil' Hater: Pats cheat again

Bill Belichick used government-designed, top-secret technology to capture the brainwaves of Norv Turner during the game last night. So he could literally hear what Norv was thinking before calling each play.

It's true! Here’s a clip from during the 2nd Quarter:

That was the biggest coaching mismatch in the NFL since Gruden fleeced the Raiders in the Superbowl.


Conrad Bain said...

It isn't Turner's fault the Chargers suck ass. Every pre-season pundit quacked about SD's "Super Bowl-ready talent" and told Turner to stand back and keep his hands off. And by all evidence, that's exactly what he's doing.

If I coached the Chargers, the first thing I'd do at training camp is ask LT to stand up and show me and the rest of the team his Super Bowl rings. When he says he doesn't have any, I'd say, "You're damn fucking right you don't have any, bitch. Sit your whiny prima donna ass down and don't let me or anyone else in the world hear another peep from your ass until you've got something to show us."

NFL Adam said...

You are absolutely right in that second paragraph. Somebody needed to shake up San Diego like that. And Norv Turner is not that guy to do it. Jimmy Johnson would do it. Mike Shanahan would do it. Hoody would do it. Norv can't do it.

You might be able to flip on the auto-pilot with Super Bowl tested team, but that sometimes doesn't always work. See Barry Switzer's first year in Dallas.

The Chargers need a presence on the sidelines. And really, if they wanted to grab a guy with a history of winning with other team's talent, they should have done anything to get Jon Gruden out of Tampa Bay. Where they were getting a little tired of him. (Man, could you imagine two former Raiders coaches with rings in the AFC West)?

Norv deserves a lot of the blame. For sure, the talent on the Chargers is overrated, but how has this offensive genius made this offense worse?

Bain said...

What I'm saying, though, is that Norv Turner is what Norv Turner is. It isn't like the Chargers organization didn't know what they were getting. I'm not saying he's a great coach. He's just Norv.

Like that familiar Ebertism... to bag on Norv Turner in this case is a little like kicking your dog for not being better at trigonometry.

NFL Adam said...

Can't argue with that. This is all on A.J. Smith, as stated earlier. Norv Turner will not survive the season. The real interesting question will be if Smith does.

Bain said...

Right. The problem in SD is not that there is a dog teaching Trig. The problem in SD is that there is someone who hired a dog to teach Trig.

james said...

somebody had it right the other day when they called san diego tijuana's hat. san diego has the worst fans in the world. that sound you heard the other night was legions of san diego fans sneaking in to mexico in a chance to avoid have to eat shit for all of the stupid bets they made during the week.