Sunday, September 23, 2007

Angels Win

There were times during the season when it looked like the Angels were going to be in serious trouble without that extra bat and while they won the AL West, there are still some serious concerns and doubts going into the playoffs. The Indians could end up with the best record in the American League although, like the Angels, they no longer really have anything to play for. If that were to happen, the Indians would likely host the wild card Yankees, meaning playoff nemesis, Boston, would be the Angels opening round opponent. Nuts. That is the one team that is still scary, though not so much with Eric Gagne on the mound. Though, you could probably say the same thing about Scot Shields.

The most concerning part of the Angels team exposed itself on Saturday. Trailing by a run, the Angels just couldn't muster enough hits together to get that run because the team still lacks that one big bat to deliver a key hit in a key situation. Maybe it's wrong to point at one particular game, but it's a scary though, with the Angels having just enough pitching to lose some close 3-2 games in the playoffs.

But hey, they have proven THN wrong, time and time again, so hopefully that will continue.

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Anonymous said...

Why couldn't do they do it Friday? Lee Evans called and said the check is in the mail...