Monday, July 16, 2007

Worldwide Loser

Fletch is back with a short take full of hate - he usually writes much shorter in the comments section here and much longer over at Blog Cabins.

Yea, I get it. It's a slow sports month.

Still, I don't need ESPN acting like their prize writer Bill Simmons. How else to explain the nonstop insanity of being pounded over the head with the news of the Phillies' 10,000th loss on Sunday? Obviously, like Simmons likes to say, they must have found a way to "wager on things like the Phils will be the first professional sports team to notch 10k in the loss column," because they won't shut the hell up about it.

Amongst the idiocy of the whole "event," not much tops talking heads interviewing current Phils players about "the significance" of the 10,000th loss. Heck, even Harry Kalas, the team's broadcaster for some 40+ years even said that he has been with the team for only 2900 or so of them - how can anyone in their right mind expect Ryan Howard or Aaron Rowand to give a crap? They haven't even been alive as long as Kalas has been broadcasting, much less playing for the Phils long enough to endure even 1/10th of the losses.

More to the point, this reminds me of New Year's Day. Every year, we're all supposed to celebrate the fact that the calendar changed from one day to the next. Outside of an excuse to drink, why am I supposed to care? It happens every day for christ sakes. So, along those lines, why cheer (or celebrate) the inevitability of a team losing a randomly picked, celebrated number? Was there hullabaloo about 8000 or 9000? I don't recall. Also, will we be able to avoid the news when the Braves hit 10,000 in 4 or 5 years (currently at 9,681, the Braves look to be the next team to hit five digit losses)?

Sure, the Phils, despite their long history, are indeed grand losers, as their .468 winning percentage clearly demonstrates. However, they're not even baseball's worst. That honor goes (naturally) to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who should be proud to be baseball's only franchise with a sub-.400 percentage. Additionally, the Padres, Rangers and Rockies all rock worse ratios. So, hold your heads up high, Phils fans; at least your team got featured on a Sunday night game. Not everyone can be so lucky to have Joe Morgan drone on about your team for three hours. The D-Rays would be jealous.


BostonSucksMyBlog said...

In fairness, maybe espn took a much needed break from fellating Red Sox Nation for a few hours?

Yes, it was an inevitablity that they would hit 10K losses. Every team will eventually. Well, the older ones.

Conrad Bain said...

I want more pics of the Brazilian referee. I would knock the bottom out of that.

Bud Grant said...

Bud Grant once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

NFL Adam said...

How did the Black Jack tables treat you in the Islands, Bud?

Anonymous said...

In fairness, who gives a rat's balls about Philadelphia or their horrible fans?

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