Friday, July 27, 2007

The Weak Ender

When time is short, it is important to fall back on your old reliable and recurring characters. In this case, Alyssa Milano. (Sorry Kelly, maybe next time.)

Ms. Milano has been romantically linked to various Major League players, and why this is still news to some people, you never can be sure. But hey, she could be doing worse. She could be stalking them at high rates of speed up and down the streets of Santa Monica, so why she gets the bum rap will remain a mystery. (Probably because people like Jezebel are likely pushing three-bills and trolling men's softball leagues, offering the George Michael-special in the park's bathroom.)

What’s also a mystery is how Jonathan Papelbon isn’t much of a fan of Alyssa. The Boston reliever is effective because of that laughable pout he protrudes on the mound. But nothing is more comical than this response.

"Actually I just walked right by her, man," said Papelbon, who is married.

"I was never really a big fan of hers, man. I was always like a big Pamela Anderson fan. You know, she doesn't really do it for me. I'm sorry, Alyssa. I'm sorry."

Pamela Anderson. Pffft—single mother, pass.

Former Florida Marlins catcher Mike Piazza was nailed by a flying water bottle at Anaheim Stadium this week, once again showing that Angels fans are some of the best in baseball. Idiots in other stadiums toss $10 beers, but Angels fans drink beer and toss water. Smart.

Piazza pointed the man out in the crowd and now intends to sue him. Piazza called the man gutless, and he should know a thing or two about being cowardly. Roger Clemens nailed Piazza in the ear with a baseball and threw a piece of a bat at him, barely registering a peep from the catcher.

But hiding behind the police, Piazza was able to act like a big man and point the dude out in the crowd.


  • If you click on one thing this week, make it young Fletcherson's Pro & Cons on the Star Wars movies. Well, well, done. He also should have some movie previews done when he gets back from Comicon.

  • Sports Hernia reports, everything sucks.

  • The all beard team, no Katie Holmes, though.

  • The basketball guillotine.

  • Strange offseason workout routines.


    Impeach Churchill!


    Anonymous said...

    What? Not even a mention of The Bain being back in business? Boooooo!

    NFL Adam said...

    We weren't on the press distribution list.

    Diane said...

    Thanks to spoiled, rich kid Piazza for reminding me why baseball players are the weenies of pro-athletes

    Ron Burgundy said...

    Deer Alissa...


    MCBias said...

    NFLAdam, came here from your good comment over at Larry Brown Sports about bloggers not creating original content. That's a complaint of mine as well. And I also have to agree that the complaints about Alyssa dating MLB players are out of place. So she has a type that she likes to date; so what?. That's probably true of 50% of us.