Monday, July 30, 2007

The Post Mortem

Does Jim Leyland have Hooters stock? Because that is the only explanation possible after the Angels not only swept the Tigers, but earned free Hooters wings for those in attendance. Well, those who actually got inside to take advantage of the offer.

Hooters all over Southern California (namely Costa Mesa) were overflowing with people looking to get 10 free wings, drink four waters and then stiff a Hooters girl.

Southern Californians already have a reputation for leaving games early, and that only become exasperated when the allure of free wings is offered. Especially on Saturday when the near capacity crowd had vacated Angels Stadium by the top of the ninth inning to get some free food. When you think about the $40 you are going to throw down in accompanying beers and fries, it's not hard to see who the real winner in this thing is.

Barry Bonds it going to not only break the home run record but he is going to do it at Dodger Stadium. This situation couldn’t have worked out better for Bonds who will cheered by his hated rivals.

That’s right, cheered.

Dodgers fans are long on bravado, but short on actions. Expect those hypocritical a-holes to be standing on their feet and cheering the moment Bonds breaks the record. It’s going to happen. Some portly Dodgers fans from Montebello is going to drop his all-you-can eat nachos in the right field pavilion to clap his meaty mitts in appreciation of Bonds breaking the record in Dodger Stadium.

Count on it.

  • We are not even to August, yet the Brewers have already gagged their once sizeable lead in the NL Central. But do you really want Bud Selig to be rewarded by having the Brewers win? Maybe Bud (and let’s be honest, he’s still involved) should actually go out and become a buyer before the deadline to prove everybody wrong. Instead, watch the Brew Crew ship of Prince Fielder to another contender.

  • No, Seth McClung does not count.

What do you do when you are suspended from the NFL? You become a professional wrestler. Pacman Jones has signed a deal to appear on television with Total Nonstop Action wrestling. That will help clean up his image. Can't wait for the obvious angle where Mike Vick does a run-in with a couple of pit bulls.


Anonymous said...

Nobody is pitching to Bonds this week.

Anonymous said...

bullshit, dodgers fans are going to be jeering his sorry ass.

Beavis said... he said, "stiff a Hooters girl."

Diane said...

Best thing would be if no one would pitch to Bonds for the rest of the season . . .

DAWUSS said...

But then you know Bonds would cry to the refs and eventually the refs would hand him the pitch that gives him the record breaker

Anonymous said...

You bitches cry too much.

Anonymous said...

screw hooters. the wings are better at karl strauss anyway.