Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Post Mortem

Paddy Harrington is your British Open winner, proving that it is not so much the luck of the Irish, as it is the choking of a Spaniards.

Calling Sergio Garcia the Greg Norman of this generation is too easy. Besides, there is something inherently unlikable about Sergio. Like if he wasn’t a professional golfer, he would be hanging out in cafes in Barcelona, wearing skin-tight pants, waggling his fingers repeatedly around a cup of cappuccino while hitting on American women.

Then you could just imagine him having a total conniption fit when the girls wouldn’t want to join him back at his mother’s house. He'd likely spit in their drinks and go pout.

Wow, Chelsea FC really blows huh? That's the best England has to offer? Chelsea is supposed to be one of the best teams in the best league in the world. That was the equivalent of the Colts going over to England and beating a club team, 7-0. Even if Jim Sorgi was loaded and playing quarterback, that would still be a disgrace.

The game was pretty compelling. And hell, if Landon Donovan didn’t choke that shot, this game is all knotted up.

The bottom line here is when was the last time you actually went out of your way to watch an NBA basketball exhibition basketball game? Hell, any NBA game that didn’t include the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors? As Yiddish Steel pointed out the other day, people actually went out of their way to see this game and they weren’t likely disappointed.

Will this start a new trend? Well, yours truly spent about two minutes watching Argentina play the Czechs in some tournament. And that’s two more minutes than time spent watching the NBA Finals.

If only they could get the youth of America playing soccer, then they might really be on to something.

  • Lost in the Beckham mania was the Bernard Hopkins v. Winky Wright fight. Bad timing boys. How about a rematch?
  • People need to look at the bright side of this NBA referee game-fixing deal? At least somebody on the court wanted to win.
  • Remember when Mike Vick was just some pot head trying to sneak his weed onto an airplane?
  • Emmitt Smith, dude, it is admirable that you want to have Vick’s back in this thing, but maybe there’s another reality show you can appear in. Vick didn’t just “attend a dog fight or twenty,” he was raising pit bulls to fight, killing the weak ones, and the head of a dog fighting team. And it's Troy Aikman who had the concussions.
  • Major League Baseball announced that the New York Yankees will be playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays exclusively for the final two months of the season, ensuring they get into the playoffs.

The Angels traded Jose Molina to the Yankees for a minor league pitcher. Really, was it Phillip Hughes? Nope, it is Jeff Kennard. Watch, Kennard will be starting to the Angels in a couple of years, while the Yankees will continue to wonder why they don’t have any pitching. But this is another move by Bill Stoneman to push out established players to give heralded rookies a chance to play, this time Jeff Mathis. And when you ignore the obvious Dallas McPherson/Troy Glaus fiasco, Stoneman has done well with Mike Napoli, Howie Kendrick (when healthy), Casey Kotchman and Reggie Willits. So maybe he’s on to something. Maybe this will give Stoneman a taste for trading. Angels fans can only hope for a power hitter. Speaking of which...

Garret Anderson finally put an end to the Angels 0-for-July streak with a home run on Sunday as the team avoided the sweep in Minnesota. And prevented Dr. Ross from being able to take over THN for a day.


Fletch said...

I heard something about another reailty show. Where do I sign up?

- Emmitt

Anonymous said...

Thank God this is an Angels blog again.

Diane said...

In fairness, that was Chelsea after a week in LA getting drunk at Hyde and pulling trains on Tara Reid.

Is it too late to withdraw all my votes for Emmitt on Dancing with the Stars?

Anonymous said...

m's are coming gaylos.....

yiddish steel said...

Remember when Mike Vick went by "Ron Mexico" instead of "Ookie"?!

bucky said...

Chelsea was in LA? Sure, she's an adult now, but why isn't she campaigning for her mom?

Conrad Bain said...

So the SoCals get a soccer team, and suddenly it's no longer gay.

(The Bain drops trou, presses his ham, and rips a paint peeler)

Anonymous said...

Golf and fucking soccer are your top stories this week? Good lord, when does the Super Bowl buzz kill start?

Conrad Bain said...

Pelé is an ass clown.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bain on this one. These limp dick Socals think they are the epicenter of the sports world but are the worst fans ever.

Bud Grant said...

Bud Grant doesn't sleep. He waits.