Monday, July 02, 2007

LA Football Lives!

Stand with the Avengers!

The buzz around Southern California in the wake of the Avengers HUGE playoff victory last night is palpable. That is if palpable means nobody cares except for a former Avengers beat writer.

John Elway, according to a couple of “rumor mongers,” would like to make the AFL into a feeder league for the NFL. Yeah, that will do it because American sports fans love minor league sports such as roller hockey and the WNBA—you know, the feeder league for the Kentucky Derby. Would you be more apt to watch the Avengers game if Cleo Lemon, A.J. Feeley or some other NFL scrub was the quarterback?

Probably not.

Did you watch NFL Europa? No. Although Lil’ Hater made a good point during last night’s game in that maybe they should ship the AFL over to Europe.

You want to know what the only answer is?

Bring back the XFL. Think of the drama when the Los Angeles Xtreme plays host to the Atlanta Stranglers. That, we all would watch.


Pat Bowlen said...

This one's for John!

Anonymous said...

American sports fans have NO problem with feeder leagues. Minor-league baseball has set numerous attendance records in the last decade.

This, however ... survey says?


DAWUSS said...

I think Elway wants it to be a replacement for the NFLE.

Problem is, they'd need to transform the AFL from a glorified 7-on-7 (or whatever the heck it currently is) to a full 11-on-11

Fletch said...

Germany's calling...they want their shitty football back. I offered the Cardinals, but they said no. Damn - I tryed.

Anonymous said...

Time for the Super Bowl Buzzkill.

Or are you too busy at your new "job"