Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yanks Fans Want Tickets Capped

Front-running Yankees fans appear like locust at opposing stadiums across the country because apparently nobody wants to live in New York. But major league baseball teams (in places people like to live, like Colorado) are taking a stand and charging extra for tickets to see the Bronx Bombers. And this is an absolutely great idea.

Most Angels fans don't want to go to the ballpark when Yankees fans come to town, mainly because they are rude, ignorant and, let's face it, their team kind of stinks. Imagine if the Royals had a large following and a bunch of Kansas City fans showed up at the ballpark, talking about the past, yelling obscenities and causing the city of Anaheim to deploy mounted police officers. (That's true.) So why not make these guys pay a few extra bucks for it? That's just smart business. Many season ticket holders get premiums for Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers tickets, so the club should be afforded the same opportunity.

And hey, if it allows Arte Moreno to lower beer prices even further, so be it.


Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Thanks for the supply and demand lesson. What is this, the new Barron's blog?

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

I hate Sox fans MUCH more, but you already know this.

Seitz said...

The only difference is that the Royals actually have a snowball's chance in hell of beating the Angels every once in a while.

Seitz said...

And yeah, there's no lower form of life than a Red Sox fan going to see the Sox play a road game.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly the Yankess and Mets were the first ones to come up with this idea and now their fans are pissed - TO BAD.
And if you think this is bad the new one in NY is no individual tickets for the marquee games.You no have to but a package for all three games ( at the higher rate ) and then tickets to 2 other games of lesser value.
I'm sure glad MLB is so fan friendly.

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