Friday, June 22, 2007

The Weak Ender

Our boy Scott over at Buc Stats has to be thrilled that Jeff Garcia is winning the quarterback battle in Tampa Bay, as that means more shots in the stands of Carmella DeCesare. Actually we are all winners because of that.

The Buccaneers quarterback situation is one of the most interesting position battles at the conclusion of the mini-camps. Garcia should be the starter, and it’s not hard to see him play the same role with the Bucs as Rich Gannon did during Jon Gruden's tenure in Oakland. The Buccaneers would be THN's sleeper pick for the NFC if, say, you were traveling to Las Vegas in the near future and looking to place a futures bet.

And hey, even if they don’t win, the stands will be interesting to look at.


What exactly is Major League Baseball trying to accomplish with this investigation? They have drug testing now, they busted Raffy Palmeriro, it’s time to just move on. Having Jason Giambi admit that used steroids (although he already did) will do nothing other than to remind the public that baseball did nothing about steroids during the late 1990s. Why keep bad press in the news?

Making Giambi testify would be akin to an acquitted murderer publishing a book called, "If I did it."

Yep, quite the build up for an O.J. joke. But the point remains that baseball should move on, yet can’t quit stubbing its toe.


You can't blame Kevin Garnett for not wanting to go to Boston. Especially with recent anniversary of Len Bias’s death. And besides, who wants to play for that miserable organization that is bad, even for NBA East standards?

But this whole Garnett thing is troubling as he is involved in trade rumors every year. And here’s the rub, if Minnesota can't afford to keep Garnett, or if players don’t want to play there, why do they even have a franchise? Maybe it’s time to jettison franchises such as Minnesota, Memphis, New Orleans, etc. Despite the presence of international players, the NBA talent pool seems diluted. And David Stern is probably the only commissioner in professional sports that could ram contraction down the player’s throats. This needs to happen.

  • You have to wonder why the Eagles didn't give any sort of love to Garcia, letting him walk to a conference rival. Donovan McNabb just can't seem to stay healthy and the Eagles still have a pretty good nucleolus and talent to win the NFC East and perhaps the NFC championship.
  • Everybody talks about the offensive genius of Norv Turner, but you do realize that the 49ers finished 29th in total offense last season.
  • So much for the Yankees charge, as they were swept by Colorado. The Yankees are now chasing five teams in the wild card alone, including the Twins. One of the top match-ups for the final interleague weekend of the season is the Yankees v. San Francisco. Who do you root for there? The Yankees? Bonds? A Mohammad Atta flyover?
  • Ken Griffey Jr. also returns to Seattle this weekend. You have to wonder how different Griffey’s career might have been had he spent his formative years on grass, instead of that green concrete in the Kingdom. Griffey also has been involved in some trade rumors recently, being linked to the Chicago Cubs, which would be fun to see.
  • A fan in San Diego tossed $1 on the field at PetCo Park on Thursday, causing the under-paid Orioles players to scramble for the bills. It was a nice gesture, but couldn’t PacMan Jones find a better way to spend his last day of freedom?


Figures a dude who loves Erin Andrews would go for Posh Spice.
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People complaining about the current “dead period” of sports is getting a little tiresome. Sure, there might be some truth to that, but look at it this way people, there is no NBA right now. So really, this might be the golden age of sports right now.


Diane said...

As opposed to Gary "I am Satan" Bettman who forced salary cutbacks down the players' throats?

Giambi has to regret being the only player honest enough to admit his use of steroids. This should be a lesson to all the rookie 'roid users - always deny it, and MLB will look the other way.

The Big Picture said...

i still somehow think that Garcia's playmate gal is more just a cover up for his real sexual preference more than anything.

Conrad Bain said...

I still somehow think that OJ knows more than he's letting on about his wife's murder.

Steve Irwin said...

I still somehow think that I should have left that sting ray alone.

Len Bias said...

I still somehow think that celebrating being the first pick in the draft with a eight ball of coke isn't the best idea.

Kitty Carlisle said...

I still somehow think that Charles Nelson might have been slightly light in the loafers.

Brad Daugherty said...

Len Bias was the first pick in the draft? Damn. Even his NBA career was better than mine.

bucky said...

i still somehow think that Garcia's playmate gal is more just a cover up for his real sexual preference more than anything.

Does it really matter, as long as we get to see shots of her in the stands? In fact, it's probably even better that way.

Anonymous said...

How about some nudes of Carmella next time?

DAWUSS said...

I thought this was a family site.

Besides, I'm sure if THN started posting nude photos, Pat Robertson and Tony Dungy will start throwing Bibles at all of us sinners...

Tony Dungy said...

Look, I don't wish to downgrade anybody, but if we allow homos to play football, it's only a matter of time before our young boys are donning helmets, jock straps, and spandex knee-pants and tackling each other in sweaty, writhing piles of male-on-maleness.

Waitaminute. That didn't come out right.

WCT said...

you misunderstood me, I hate posh spice.

By the way, who do I have to sleep with to get a link on the blogroll??

NFL Adam said...

I was just teasing you WCT.

And holy hell, I never noticed you weren't on the blog roll. I need to set that straight.

NFL Adam said...

You're all set, WCT.

Funny story about your name. Now if you have ever seen the disclaimer down below (which was stolen from Divealanche) it notes that this site is designed for goofing off on company time.

Well, at my old gig, I got written up by management (a 70-year old broad who looks like Joe Paterno in drag) because other people were reading the site and "goofing off on company time." The disclaimer was on my actual write up.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

I can't believe someone would actually take time out of their work day to read this shit.

WCT said...

Thanks for the link man. I was just busting your balls.

And my name was blatantly stolen from a deadspin comment I read like a year ago, but I like that disclaimer you have.

Anonymous said...

Deadspin... isn't that the place where THN steals it's content? Or is it the other way around? I can't remember...

Blonde said...

Don't get me started on McNabb....biggest waste of money and space in Philly. He should have been sent packing LONG ago.

It is traditional Philly tradition to over pay and embrace the biggest douchebags that never bring us victory...can you say Lindros?

The only winning athletes out of Philly are race horses. We suck as a city when it comes to our teams,