Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Weak Ender

Some of you might see the picture of our girl, Alyssa Milano and groan. Maybe be a little perturbed that THN seems to go to Milano a little too much. And that's cool. Because THN is looking for somebody to march for us at Pride Day.

The Angels and Dodgers will be competing this week in the Milano Series, also known as the Freeway Series. And seeing that rumors persist that Milano has been ridden more than a freeway, then the name really fits.

Just trying to have a little fun here folks.

And besides, she's the one that named her blog, "Touch 'em All" inviting these types of jokes. But you have to be worried when Milano caught a foul ball on Wednesday night. Is that an ominous sign for the Angels? Nah.

Actually, Milano has caught all sorts of balls lately.

In other news, I was at the game Friday night and Eddie Murray looked at me and mouthed the words: “Can you catch?” At first I had no idea what he was saying and he had his hands cupped so it looked like he was praying. After a brief moment of trying to compute, I said “What?” He said it again: “Can you catch?” Oh . . . “Yeah,” I replied and then did what any other nervous chick in heels would do in my position. I looked at my brother and said, “Stand up and catch the ball.” Confused, my brother went to stand up and Mr. Murray said “No.” I gulped and my heart started racing. “YOU,” he said while pointing his finger straight at me. “Stand up,” he commanded. And so I did. I stood up and he threw the ball to me in the stands. Time slowed down. The pressure. Oh God, the pressure. I navigated my Jimmy Choo’s in the air and low and behold . . . I caught the ball! (Insert Juan Pierre joke here.) It was a big moment for me. No one has ever thrown me a ball from the dugout before. I was so happy. I started bouncing up and down in my seat and my top lip started sweating. Thank you, Eddie Murray.

BTW, he got fired for that, Charmed girl. (That or the Dodgers lack of hitting.)

  • Gomer Manning received his Super Bowl ring Thursday, but said that he won't have time to enjoy it because he doesn’t want to live in the past. This guy must have been a joy as a kid on Christmas as he immediately shelved all his new toys because he had another Christmas to prepare for in 364 days. Eli, of course, did not receive Christmas presents.
  • People have reasoned that there is absolutely no conspiracy theory in the NBA, seeing that the referees didn't make that obvious intentional foul by Bruce Bowen (CSF) on LeBron James at the end of Game 3. The apologist assert that the referees are incompetent, and that there isn't a conspiracy at all. Yeah, because being incompetent is way better than any conspiracy. But there probably is a conspiracy—a conspiracy to get this awful series over with and move on to the NBA Draft. The NBA is going to benefit from all of the positive exposure of having Greg Oden and Kevin Durant in the draft, so you can’t blame David Stern for wanting to push ahead. And the Spurs obliged.
  • Are the Spurs a dynasty? Yes. Who even asks questions like that? Oh yeah, Yahoo! Sports. That should be a good illustration of just how boring these finals are. Or how boring it becomes over there when they aren’t chasing the housing records of former USC football players.
  • The question right now isn’t if the Red Sox are going to choke, but how soon do the Yankees catch them. The Yankees have become the Shaquille O’Neal of MLB. As in, they don't really pay attention to the first third of the season, looking to only turn it around in the playoffs. Except Shaq, of course, has won a title in recent memory.
  • Jason Giambi is going to be suspended. Yeah, Bud Selig will suspend the white guy, while the black guy gets to chase down the home run record. Baseball’s history of racism again rears its ugly head.
  • The Rat Pack is returning to the 49ers sidelines, at least at home, as 49ers coach Mike Nolan will be allowed to wear suits. At least somebody in the NFL will be wearing a suit for something other than a trial.
  • Fullerton Baseball Fan over at Titan Central made an interesting note about the Titans rolling back to Omaha in consecutive years. The Titans finished third in 1994, won the whole thing in 1995. The Titans finished third in 2003, won the whole thing in 2004. Guess what place the Titans finished in 2006.
  • Jurisprudence: Former Raiders defensive end Sean Jones has been indicted in a mortgage scam. Now many of you might ask, a former Raiders committing a crime, what's new? Well, this is a white-collar crime.


  • Any Angels fan thinking of venturing to Dodger Stadium should read this.
  • Quick take on Ocean's 13: Awesome. Ellen Barkin is hot. Oh, sorry to spoil it, but they get away with it. Check out Fletch's review here. Keep an eye out for THN's review on that Blog Cabins.
  • Our man Seitz is bound to have something on the Angels/Dodgers today.


In case you haven't seen this, it is worth your time.


Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Well played UFC hater, well played.

Sun Devil said...

...Bruce Bowen (CSF)...

Losing to the Beavers (CSF)

Seitz said...

Well, I've got something on the Angels at least.

DAWUSS said...

I wonder what Peyton does with any Kenny Chesney CDs he gets for Christmas in that case...

Also, has Manning/Chesney caught the attention of Tony Dungy?

Fletch said...

The Yankees have become the Shaquille O’Neal of MLB.

Sorry, I thought you meant they were fat, cross-eyed, and talked funny. My mistake.

Tony Dungy said...

I am a fan of Kenny Chesney, too. Have a big hat and everything. It's a shame about his divorce, but how could anyone have known that Renée Zellweger is a lesbian.

Diane said...

Murray should have taken the opportunity to drill Milano in the noggin

NFL Adam said...

Well, he probably drilled her.

Colon pounding said...

Hey Adam, click the link on my name - didn't you work for this paper?

Diane said...

I'm guessing she likes 'em a bit younger . . . the hitting coach is really just one step above nailing the equipment guy

Janet Elway said...

Did someone mention my name?

NFL Adam said...

Good point, D.

As for that newspaper, I'm not sure I'm familiar with it.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

That headline shows shades of the "Pink Taco South of Hooters." headline.

Grams said...

I don't get it, what does pounded colon mean?

Kevin Costner said...

I don't get it, what does pounded colon mean?

It's what the Big West baseball teams got from the Pac-10 this weekend.

Wes Roemer said...

It hurts