Friday, June 01, 2007

The Weak Ender

Tony Romo really has taken this "next Troy Aikman" thing to heart, being involved with actress Jessica Simpson and country singer Carrie Underwood during his brief playing career. Aikman was once linked to Sandra Bullock and Lori Morgan during his time as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Oh yeah, he also won three Super Bowls, too.

Maybe Romo should concentrate a little bit more on football and less on judging beauty pageants and serially dating actresses and singers. Of course, the National Enquirer notes that Romo has broken up with Underwood to concentrate on playing football, and if you can’t trust the NE, really, who can you trust? But Romo had better not be seen out on the town with Alyssa Milano or Jessica Biel anytime soon. (Though both seem to prefer baseball players.)


Why is everybody harping on hockey's poor ratings for the Stanley Cup Finals? The games are on the Versus Network. Nobody is watching because nobody gets that channel. But th Super Bowl on that stupid network and its ratings would die, too.

Alright, the network isn't stupid, it actually seems kind of cool as Youngblood appears to be on a continual loop. But the games aren't broadcast here in Orange County. Not saying that the Finals would draw huge ratings, hell, Saved By The Bell reruns probably get better ratings, but give them a chance. The Ducks and Sens will be on NBC on Saturday and don’t be surprised if the NHL starts to inch towards Women's College World Series numbers. Seriously, if poker can be televised, fans should at least have the choice of trying to watch hockey.

  • This just in, Kobe Bryant has demanded a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • How about that LeBron James last night, huh? Actually, didn't see it, as reruns of Scrubs, Real World Las Vegas Reunited, and Scrubs again took precedent. (The NBA should be worried that the playoffs are on a station nearly everybody gets and still nobody is watching.) But from reading the box score, it seems like James took over the game against the Pistons and slammed it home. You know what, James in the Finals would be a compelling reason to watch. The NBA really needs this guy to win. Otherwise, a Spurs/Pistons finals would be even less interesting than the NBA already is. If that is even possible.
  • This just in, Kobe Bryant wants to retire as a member of the Lakers.
  • Billy Donovan to the Orlando Magic. McLean Stevenson says to expect to see him back in college basketball in three to five years. Maybe even Kentucky. Also check out his take on Kobe.
  • Terrell Owens is going to stay with the Cowboys. Wait a minute, T.O. likes the team he is with, while Kobe does not. Hmm.
  • Randy Moss reportedly looked horrible in his first mini-camp with the Patriots, slipping on the grass and dropping balls in the end zone. It’s like he never left the Raiders.
  • The Angels aggressive style on the base paths is just the way the team plays. But how many times do we need to see a guy get caught trying to steal third to end the inning? That is just poor decisions on whomever is making the call, manager Mike Scioscia or the base runners. And it should be noted that Casey Kotchman hit a screaming double to lead off the following inning that would have tied the game.

  • How cool is your high school? Imagine an alumni list that had Kurt Warner, Zach JohnsonA-Rod's stripper?


A lot of people have inquired as to if Allison Stokke will ever appear in the Weak Ender. That answer is likely no, as long as she is still in high school. Not to dog anybody who does, but as a former prep writer, there is something weird about dudes leering at high school chicks, legal or not. But that’s not the story here. The real story is how the Washington Post beat the Orange County Register for the story on Stokke when she is a senior at Newport Harbor High. Stokke became an internet sensation recently (first appearing on WithLethur), and the story was picked up by the flipping Washington Post on May 29, the Register had the story a day later. The whole thing is amusing that Stokke's dad is trying to quell publicity on his daughter by appearing in every newspaper and television program across the country. He’s the kind of guy who makes Lindsay Lohan’s mom seem like a good parent.


DAWUSS said...

If she's over 18, it's totally legit. Granted, Pat Robertson and Tony Dungy may throw the Bible at you, but because she's over 18, there's nothing wrong with it.

What year is she, anyway?

Fletch said...

Does it count as stealing if I'd never seen the Kobe piece? Also, Teen Wolf would never demand a trade from Coach Flinstock - that guy's a genius.

Anyway - I thought it was apt considering how last night's game unfolded. The bad news? No Stiles.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Did you guys Carlos Mencia's.. un i mean NFL Adam's interview on The Big Picture.

P.S. thanks for the Mention.

Seitz said...

I've gotta start giving you better stuff to work with. Sorry, rough week.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Don't you love how is buying into Vick sporting a new look for his new image. They put the story about Vick's new Haircut as one of their first on the website. I wonder if they are going to let their new crop of editors actually have some say on that site, instead of covering fluff?

NFL Adam said...

That wasn't stealing Fletch. In fact, I had planned on rerunning that link and saying that LeBron James might be a more apt comparison because his teams is closing in on the Finals.

NFL Adam said...

Tommy Tuck, don't you have some restaurant copy you need to read right now? Something big about La Salsa?

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Unfortunatley my La Salsa reporter left for greener pastures and all i got was this lousy Mypace Marketing story. Long on character count and short on substance.

Pete said...

Good lord, Rank awful interview. I imagine you sounding like Jeremy Piven.

Sun Devil said...

No mention of the upcoming regionals? Times truly are dark in Fullerton.

Alright Adam, the rain in Oklahoma got your Titans on ESPN. Against a Big-11 team. In baseball. Your boys better pull this one out, seeing as how northern teams can't even play baseball at home until May.

Pierre LePud said...

Wow, thanks for the generous props for Divealanche over at TBP. Way too generous, considering we took the whole season off. It's like I'm sittin' round listenin' to April Wine in my bathrobe and skivies, and the doorbell rings, and... holy heck, it's Anne Murray!

insomniac said...

Btw, for those in the LA area, Allison Stokke's story will on KCAL 9 news tonight. Dad sure is doing a good job keeping her life private.

I've mentioned this before, but I'll ask it again. It's June- isn't the prep track season over now? Her 15 minutes would be over by now if her family didn't turn into PR reps.

I call shenanigans, which is why I didn't feel bad posting one of her pics.

DAWUSS said...

IRT insomniac - In Indiana, the track season ends tomorrow, 6/2/07

I have no idea what it is in other states.

And guessing that would be like guessing who said The Hatriot's Word Verification (not to mention what it was)

grittysquirrels said...

Love the Weak link though?

Vicks image is done. Expect him to lose NIKE in the next 4 days.

Diane said...

Yo! thanks for the mention in your interview, even though I'd buy beers even without the shout out . . .

The Hatriot said...

I was watching the UFC elimination bout in the Cubs dugout yesterday when I felt a disturbance in the Force and I knew that somewhere a Cowboy Honk was trying desperately to convince himself, if noone else, of Tony Romo's heterosexuality.

I was going to do a little SAT style "Romo:Straight::Kobe's Wife:Molecular Chemist" comment, but then I remembered the schools that most of you went to and I could hear crickets chirping. Anyway, Romo's got a big wall sized calendar in his room and he's been crossing off the days until he gets to shower with T.O. again. Carrie Underbeard is pretty in that non-voluptous, keep her photo on the nightstand to fool the parents kind of way, but does she have an eight-pack?

It's not like The Confederacy's Team doesn't have a history of this sort of thing. If you go over to e-bay right now, you'll see that Troy_8 is high bidder on Charles Nelson Reilly's ascot. Heck, Danny White pulled a two year tour of duty on a Greek submarine after he retired from the NFL. Don't take my word for it. Here is Cowboy Insider Doc Berrah's account of Romo's first Summer with the Plowboys:

The schedule of two-a-days followed by early bed checks was starting to take its toll on the young QB. Finally, his frustration erupted. He stormed into Coach Parcell's office and told him he wanted off the team. The Big Tuna didn't get angry. He smiled at Romo and explained that he had been a young man once and he knew the kind of yearnings that Romo was feeling. "Go to the very back of the equipment room," Parcells told the rookie, "You'll find a barrel with a hole in it. I think you'll know what to do." Puzzled but excited, Romo made his through the clutter of blocking sleds and tackling dummies until he found the barrel. Throwing caution to the wind, he inserted himself into the hole and received the greatest oral gratification he'd ever experienced. Ecstatic, Romo rushed back to Parcell's office. "Coach!" he panted, "That was amazing! Thank you! I feel like a new man!" Parcells smiled. "I'm glad, Tony" he told him, "You can visit the barrel any day you want, except Tuesday." "That's great, Coach. But why not on Tuesay?" Romo asked. Parcell's smile broadened, "Tuesday's your turn in the barrel!" (used by permission copyright 2007 Cowboy Insider)

Conrad Bain said...

Bullock looks like she's bearing down on a pooh.

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Wow, first an interview on The Big Picture, then a TV appearance. What is next for NFL Adam?

bucky said...

Wow, I'm gonna be famous now. Anybody know a good publicist I can hire?

NFL Adam said...

Pierre, I might have done Divealanche a disservice by referring it to as a "blog." It was much more than that.

Pierre LePud said...

It's been called worse, Adam. Aftonbladet called the site "surströmming ditt flens," a reference to a fermented herring dish popular in northern Sweden.