Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sharapova Likes Cleavage

Maria Sharapova likes girl's boobs, at least according to The Sun.

TENNIS lovely MARIA SHARAPOVA copped an eyeful at a pre-Wimbledon tennis bash in London on Thursday night.

The modestly endowed world No2 blushed after being approached by an extremely busty party guest.

A fellow reveller said: "A lady with the most gigantic breasts walked into the party and Maria couldn’t keep her eyes off them.

"She must have had a five inch cleavage on display which didn’t seem very appropriate for a posh Wimbledon party.

"Maria was giggling with her friends and dared one of them to try and get a picture on her phone.

"She looked as if she was really letting her hair done before Wimbledon begins.

"She also kept on saying that she couldn't believe anyone would wear such revealing outfit."

This seems like a cheeky story, one to make Maria look like a party girl. It also is obvious this story is a plant after all of the attention that Ana Ivanovic received after ousting Sharapova in the French Open. The Sharapova camp clearly is threatened by Ivanovic and is planting stories like this to keep Maria in our minds.


Hat tip: MDS over at FanHaus.


Anonymous said...

Is she a homosexual?

Simon said...

I certainly hope so...

Tom Brady said...

Homosexuality is gross.

Kordell said...

One night with Kordell and Maria would be over her woman thing.

DAWUSS said...

If she is or isn't no one should deny her ability to do so.

And I really don't care, I don't have a chance with her anyway

Tony Dungy said...

The Bible does not condemn lesbianism, so long as the women are hot, do not attempt to marry, and men are permitted to watch without paying.

Fletch said...

Maybe Maria wanted the pic to take to her plastic surgeon. I hope having basketballs on her chest doesn't hinder her tennis game.