Monday, June 11, 2007

Setting The Record Straight

Be honest, there is nothing The Sopranos could have done short of Meadow Soprano full-frontal nudity on Sunday night that would have pleased the general public. That's because the general public is full of dopes. (Not you though, you are cool.)

Dating back to the Seinfeld finale when a couple of morons decided it was a letdown, the lemmings have followed suit and panned every series finale thereafter. And it's just wrong. If you didn't see the brilliance of the Seinfeld finale, then you have to question whether you were even a fan of the show. Bringing back all of the bit characters who made the show was a touch of brilliance. Some complained that it was far-fetched. A real stretch from previously storylines such as George pretending to be a marine biologist and prying a Titleist (hit by Kramer) out of the blowhole of a whale. Yes, the finale was a real stretch.

And if you really think the Seinfeld finale was bad, check out the Sports Dork himself Bill Simpson who spent the better part of his chat bitching about The Sopranos. (And yes, ESPN is only relevant for Sopranos nowadays.)

Chris (Louisville, KY): I think we can blame any series ending letdown on Jerry Seinfeld. After that stink bomb every director is gonna try to do the same thing and put their "stamp" on the finale.

SportsNation Bill Simmons: See, now that was a bad series finale! The show should have ended with Elaine and Jerry ending up together.

The Dork will likely print a retraction in coming days saying he was kidding, but would have been the worst possible ending. That would have been so out of character, you wonder if the Dork even watched the show. So for those of you thinking the Seinfeld finale was weak, be glad that people like the Sports Dork are no longer writing for television.


Will Leitch said...

That finale was interesting to me too, so I put it on my sports blog as well. This morning.

Blonde said...

I have been a Sopranos fan since the first episode, and I loved the finale. What I am outraged about is how A&E plays the show now and slaughters the shit out of it with bad editing. fucking ziti?

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Its is funny that NFL Adam posts about a show his doesn't watch cuz he is on welfare and can't afford HBO.

DMtShooter said...

Me, I'm still in mourning for the Sex and the City finale. We'll never see trannies that hot on TV again.

Fletch said...

I love the show, but you're way off base in regards to the Seinfeld finale. It had a few great touches, but after a number of clips shows, did we really need another trip down memory lane? The only one that was cool was the "shirt button" bit that echoed the first ever episode.

The bigger problem, though, was that the whole premise that set up the extended clips show was retarded. This was a clever show that had some funny shit, but they resorted to some "bad citizen" law that got them put in jail? Weak. (Though we did get to see John Pinnette get held up, which is nice.)

WCT said...

Adam you are officially the only person in the world who thinks that the seinfeld finale was "brilliant"

Foo said...

David Milch, who has created highly regarded dramas like “NYPD Blue” and “Deadwood,” said: “It was a question of loyalty to viewer expectations, as against loyalty to the internal coherence of the materials. Mr. Chase’s position was loyalty to the internal dynamics of the materials and the characters.”

The problem with the Seinfeld finale was not that it reached, but that (1) it wasn’t funny; (2) it didn’t stick with what had made the show a success; (3) it wasn’t funny

NFL Adam said...

First of all, Fake WL, this post was about Seinfeld. So deal with that.

WCT, the dude who does Truth and Rumors on agrees with me. Seriously, there was no better way to bring back the characters. George was a riot on that show. "Tell them I want a real plane. The Ted Danson plane." There was a lot of great stuff in that episode.

dmtshooter... nice shot.

Dummy said...

I've only been a consumer of your blogness for a short time, but this was the most spot on statement of all time (other than Bush's reference to dick face, "wanted, dead or alive". Anyone that can appreciate the finale of Seinfeld has my instant approval (except for that other dick face, "If I Did It". Bravo

Pacifist Viking said...

The Seinfeld finale had thematic value: let's put these selfish amoral jerks we've followed around for years on trial for being selfish amoral jerks.

I talked to a lot of people that didn't think it was funny. I can see that. But a show that featured the everyday nonsense of Seinfeld was either going to have to just do a regular episode for a finale, or go in a totally different direction. The final episode was not as funny as most regular episodes. But it was good.

Furthermore, more than any show ever, Seinfeld avoided any hint of real emotion or sentimentality. The rule for the show was no hugging, no learning. What were we going to do: have some teary goodbyes to the characters? There is not one--NOT ONE--really emotionally moving scene during the entire series. They played everything for laughs, and never gave us an "Ahhh..." moment. And that's great. Even The Simpsons occasionally goes for a sappy ending or a lesson learned; Seinfeld never, ever, not once did. So our last image is Jerry in jail doing standup, and Kramer laughing and George just looking frustrated.

NFL Adam said...

Great, great point Pacifist Viking. That, as Dummy would say, is spot on. Those of us who appreciate the Seinfeld Finale should rise up and have our voices heard!