Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reggie Theus

Greetings haters, it is your pal, McLean Stevenson here to break down yet another college basketball coach going to the pros. You all know me, I’m all for the money grab in college sports. Especially for guys like Billy Donovan and Nick Saban who will always have a job in college sports no matter what they do in sports. But there is something fishy about Theus who went from playing a coach on television to leading New Mexico State to the NCAA Tournament. (Even giving Texas a run for its money.)

Theus went for the quick fix in Las Cruces , bringing in transfers for a quick turnaround, instead of building for long-term success. (Although NMSU does have a great recruit in Herb Pope.) Theus made no secret of his desires to be the coach at UNLV (where he played in college), but the Runnin’ Rebels are quite happy with Lon Kruger, who received an extension. So Theus took the money and ran to the NBA.

That’s cool for coaches who have put in some time and earned it, but Theus should have taken some time and actually learned how to coach. This is going to end horribly for Theus and he likely won’t get another shot with a high-profile college program because they will always question his commitment. Specially for a guy his players called "Hollywood," like he was looking to star in the urban version of Top Gun.


Fletch said...

I assume urban is code for "black" there.

Hmmm, the black Top Gun.

I'm stumped - I mean, there was Top Gun in a car (Days of Thunder), Top Gun on the ski slopes (Aspen Extreme), Top Gun on a boat (that Ashton/Costner flick from a few months back), but I don't recall a black Top Gun. Great idea...I can't wait to see it.

Diane said...

Despite that photo to the contrary, Theus is one of the best looking basketball players (former or current, black or white) around. Is that relevant to his coaching talent? No, but I'd rather look at him courtside than the Maloof Bros. in the stands

Anonymous said...

I are a New Mexico Aggie.

Reggie sure added a little style and excitement to Las Cruces. We always knew the Pan Am Center wasn't a long term stop for Reggie and we wish him well but, durn, we hate to see him go so soon!


Jeff Garcia said...

There was also Top Gun in cowboy hats (Brokeback Mountain).

restrictedfreedom said...

Those shorts cannot be comfortable, I have boxers longer than that!