Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary, O.J.

O.J. Simpson spent the anniversary of his murder spree of his ex-wife (June 12) by slamming the media for all of the Paris Hilton coverage. From our friends over at TMZ.com O.J. takes the media to task for not covering real criminals:

"Man, this whole Paris Hilton thing is bull (excrement). What the hell did Paris Hilton ever do to get this kind of press? I killed a (female dog). And her (fornicating) lover. Now that was newsworthy mother (rhymes with sucker). And I am sick and (deity) damn tired of mother (reproducers) comparing this (poop) to what I did. I went out and slash some (witch). What the hell did Paris do, drive drunk? That's nothing. Me and my (African-American) A.C. tore up the 405 and I didn't even go to (freaking) jail! That's right, I didn't go to jail, (female dogs)!"

Word, Juice, word.

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Fletch said...

All these years later and it still seems too soon for that.