Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wow, Oakland Chokes

The Golden State Warriors did their brethren of Oakland proud by absolutely folding up in the final moments to the Dallas Mavericks of all teams. They can talk about the series moving to Oakland, but the Warriors are cooked in this series. You can't let Dallas escape like that and get the victory. But congratulations to the NBA, you at least have a compelling first round series that sucked in some indifferent fans who normally wouldn't watch a non-Lakers game.

Oh, and the best part? Game Six will likely have some more court-side action of Jessica Alba and, let's be honest, that is why we will all tune in for that game.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and now the NBA is officially over tonight when the Lakers lose, enjoy those 2 ratings David Stern.

James Dungy said...

You Rang?