Friday, May 25, 2007

The Weak Ender

Sorry for the delay, but Josh Hancock’s father is suing THN and the Gridiron Apocalypse for offering a six-pack of Hamms, which might or might not have been one of the contributing factors of the pitcher’s death.

Speaking of people who should meet the business end of a tow truck, Rosie O’Donnell is in the news again for picking a fight with our girl, Elisabeth Filarski, on The View. Has it dawned on anybody the way the producers have stacked that show with the lady on the right side of the isle being significantly more attractive than the gal on the other side of the isle? That’s the kind of stuff you would expect from FOX News.

Donald Trump, of course, had to weigh in claiming that Filarski is the dumbest person on television, oblivious that Keyshawn Johnson has signed a deal with ESPN.

Yep, that was quite a build-up for a Keyshawn joke.

  • There are rumors swirling that Donovan McNabb could be headed for Chicago. That is one of those deals that looks good on paper, but probably won’t happen. NFL teams just don’t seem to make many blockbuster trades. But how pissed would Trent Green be if this trade happened before he was traded? Still, don’t you’re your breath on this one.
  • Anybody else prepared for a Jason Giambi for Ervin Santana trade? Honestly, it’s coming. When you wake up and see a score like 12-0, do you even have to ask who was starting? But we aren’t covering any new ground here. But here’s a quick jeer for Columbia Sussex, the new owners of the Tropicana who do not have FOX Sports on its dish package. And if you look at the new plans, Columbia Sussex seems intent on ruining the Tropicana. Ask the former owners of the Aladdin how aping its casino and keep its name worked out for it. This is just depressing. Columbia Sussex also has a bad reputation for mismanaging casinos. Maybe they can get Rick Tocchet to run its joints, seeing that he needs work.
  • Kellie Pickler is the latest hockey groupie. This sport may live in oblivion on some obscure cable network, but these guys certainly score some attractive women.
  • The John Smoltz thing would be more impressive if the saves stat was more meaningful. Yeah, getting three outs against a National League lineup is quite a challenge. Well, for people other than Brad Lidge. But what is admirable is that Smoltz was willing to take any role for the Braves to win, and that is something you don’t see from baseball players every day. And hey, he shows up for the entire season.


  • Alright, the link for Bucs Stats was incorrect on Wednesday. Scott has been a Comment Monkey almost from the beginning, so please excuse the error.

  • Mark Cuban weighs in the draft lottery. But he drinks Bud Light? Seriously, he doesn’t want those gay rumors to go away.

  • Rumors and Rants laments when the Indy 500 used to be cool. Now it’s just a couple of chicks driving while talking on cell phones. How that is any different than your typical driver on the 405?


The Steroid Nation notes that Mike Vick could make a good deal of money franchising Pit Bull fighting here in the U.S. As disturbing as it is, that might not be far off. At least if the current direction with UFC is any indication. The only difference between a UFC fighter and a Pit Bull fighter is that the dog is probably a little bit smarter, and people actually care if the dog lives.

Obviously, the dogs are forced into fighting and the whole notion of raising dogs to fight is clearly despicable. But the point is that if America is embracing, as the Hatriot called it, “Human Cock Fighting,” how long before the bloodlust turns to dog fighting? Maybe Vick should be seen as a visionary and a step ahead of the curve.


Fletch said...

Josh Hancock, not Chris.

That story is disgusting. If I were Joe Buck, my head would have exploded by now. I heard Randy Moss mooned the Hancock dad and Buck started clapping.

Diane said...

"The only difference between a UFC fighter and a Pit Bull fighter is that the dog is probably a little bit smarter, and people actually care if the dog lives."

That and the dogs are bred to fight instead of just being dropped on their heads as young'uns.

Seitz said...

Oh, man, I like Santana. I just think it's pretty obvious that he sucks on the road.

I hate Oliver and Hillenbrand a lot more.

NFL Adam said...

Dude, you hate him.

Thanks for the correction, Fletch, kind of rushing through here.

But seriously, Liddell was bred to be a human cock fighter.

Diane said...

You may be confusing breeding with the world's worst hair cut . . .

I'm in Maui starting tomorrow, but am good for beers at Mothers pretty much any other time . . . even crappy beer like Miller High Life

Anonymous said...

Great fight last night. Mike Vick's dog beat Chuck Liddell.

Tony Dungy said...

The Indiana Family Institute has pit bull fights at our annual Friends of the Family Banquet. It's quite entertaining, watching these animals wreak each other assunder. And the buffet is always heavenly.

James Dungy said...

Is pit bull fighting o.k. as long as the dogs are gay?

Tony Dungy said...

That's right. We test the dogs by cueing up the soundtrack from Rent, then round up the ones wagging their tails.