Friday, May 18, 2007

The Weak Ender

Kate Mara might be the hottest woman in the world. Now, you might think THN has finally lost its mind, but keep in mind that this broad is an heiress to the New York Giants. Not only could you possibly trade Eli Messiah, but you could be just one swimming incident from moving the team to Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Mara was a member of Maxim’s Top 100, which has received a lot of flack recently for listing Lindsay Lohan as it’s No. 1 girl. And really, who could vote against a girl that likes to (reportedly) strip down to her G-string and do lines of coke after a night of clubbing? The funny thing is that blogs and radio personalities have panned the decision, which is probably the reason why Maxim chose her No. 1 in the first place. Nobody would have even mentioned the list if Jessica Alba was the top selection.


Leave it to a near-do-well friend from out of town forcing yours truly to go to one of the Angels v. Dodgers games this weekend at Angels Stadium. Going to Dodger Stadium is not an option. But even Angels Stadium can be a little hostile. You don't want to use blanket statements about an entire group of fans, but a lot of misplaced Raiders fans have traded in their silver-and-black to bleed Dodgers blue and are looking for a little blood come game day. This could be a fun rivalry, but some Dodgers fans have taken it a little too far. As Stitch Jones said after reaching for one of Gunny Highway’s beer, “I just wanted a beer but the (expletive) ain't worth dying over.”

  • Playoff hockey still rules after watching the Ducks the past couple of nights. The networks seemed to have basketball and hockey confused. The NBA should be the one playing its game on the Oxygen Network, or whatever. The Ducks were able to win a crucial game despite having one of its top players suspended. The Suns wilted under the heat like a frozen margarita at the Tropicana pool.
  • Was that Hugh Jackman in the crowd during the movie, Youngblood? Could have sworn that was him. And nothing will get you in the mood for a hockey game faster than this Rob Lowe vehicle.
  • Kyle Farnsworth has publicly taken issue with Roger Clemens’ lucrative deal, leading many baseball fans to say, “Who the hell is Kyle Farnsworth?”
  • Lil’ Hater’s Friday Take: The must-have jersey this fall will be a Seung-Hui Cho Virginia Tech jersey with the No. 32.
  • Send your comments to Lil’ Hater, C/O Hell,


No idea what Doug is talking about here, but he used a picture from Cannonball Run and that's enough to get you listed in the Links.

Fletch has your summer movie preview. No mention of Ocean's 13 which is going to rule.

Happy Birthday to Awful Announcing. Hopefully you enjoyed the roast.

Brock Lesner is going to UFC. How dare anybody say that the UFC isn't on the up-and-up.

The Sports Hernia is at it again.

A McLean Stevenson post. This time he muses on Shaq.


When people wonder why guys like Jason Giambi seemingly gets a free pass, it’s because he actually has the balls to admit that he used steroids. But turns out Barry Bonds is going to pen a book called, “If I Took Them,” where ponders how life would be like if he actually took steroids.


DAWUSS said...

It's time for the Super Bowl Buzz Kill, bud.

NFL Adam said...

Dude, it's only May.

Fletch said...

That Sports Hernia link is awesome. Oh, and there is a mention of Ocean's 13 in the preview. (Barely, but it's there amongst my sequel rant.)

Sun Devil said...

Dude, it's only May.

But doesn't it take you over a week to write each one?

And I want one of those VT jerseys. THN should sell them.

Toomy Tuck Rule said...

Will OJ be writing the forward for Barry's book.

NFL Adam said...

Who is VT's rival?

Anonymous said...

That out of town tool friend just spent friday night getting fucting shitfaced at saddle bronc down on sunset strip. He is gonna be in bad shape tomorrow. Those fucting yards of piss beer err Coors light really fucted him up. That and the b-52 shots.

See you on satuday bro, and i buy all yours and nfl jennifer's drinks tonight.

DAWUSS said...

"Who is VT's rival?"

Miami (FL), WVU, UVA

Anonymous said...

So all the mexican Raider thug fans are Dodger fans now? Thanks for the heads up THN

McLean Stevenson said...

The proper quote is "I just wanted the seat..."

mookie said...

You (and I mean THN) guys are like Carlos Mencia. Offensive, yet funny.

Will Leitch said...

You (and I mean THN) guys are like Carlos Mencia. Offensive, yet funny.

Carlos Mencia also is known for stealing his material.

You are just like Carlos.

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