Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shut Up Schilling

Some people are trying to hate Barry Bonds, and you are not helping. Curt Schilling is probably the only guy in the world who can make Bonds likable by comparison.

Don't make us choose, Curt.

Schilling lambasted Bonds for cheating on his wife, cheating on his taxes and cheating on the game of baseball. So says the guy who is as sanctimonious as Mark Foley. Schilling's accusations are pretty ironic, considering how he recently flipped out when somebody suggested that he might have doctored that bloody sock in the 2004 ALCS. The only enjoyable part is the people who speak out the most, often have the most to hide. Period.

If Schilling wants to ostracize a player, who about taking aim at his own teammate, David Ortiz, who sad that he might have taken steroids?

Photo stolen from Boston Dirt Dogs.


Fake Will Leitch said...

You stole this from somebody. I just haven't found out who yet.

The Real Will Leitch said...

Damn right.

Good job with the photo credit, though.

grittysquirrels said...

I hate Bonds.

I like Schilling.

yiddish steel said...

Curt Schilling donates ample time and money to fighting Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS). Barry Bonds donates ample time and money to... BARRY BONDS. Fukk him. 756 will be an afterthought and will share equal page space with NFL Training Camp news.

NESeminole said...

As Red Sox manager Terry Francona so aptly said today, Schiiling should shut the F up and just pitch. For a guy who hates to talk to the media but gets on all the talk shows and has he own blog he's simply an A hole.