Monday, May 28, 2007

Sharapova: Potty Mouth

The Post Mortem will come to live Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Or maybe late Monday depending on how many Miller High Life's are consumed. So check out Maria Sharapova cursing out an umpire. Don't be ashamed for liking this.

Thanks for the link, Deadspin.


woody said...

not bad, hater. i'm looking for video of lindsey lohan stripping down to a g-string and doing a line of blow. that would be a lot cooler.

Will Leitch said...

Does the fake Will Leitch become the fake MJD on the weekends?


Thanks for the link, Deadspin

Thanks for the credit, hack.

NFL Adam said...

Sorry, thanks for the love, Will. We love you.

Sylvester Stalone said...

Disappointing. Your headline implied water sports.