Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Post Mortem

Obviously Alex Rodriguez got a little carried away during "pink bat" day on Sunday.


Brett Favre wanted to be traded from Green Bay Packers and somehow this has people in disbelief. Like they can't believe that a player like Favre would ever end his career in any place other than Green Bay.

Like Johnny Unitas finished his career in San Diego.

Like Joe Namath finished his career with the Los Angeles Rams.

Like Joe Montana finished his career leading the Kansas City Chiefs to the playoffs.

Notice a trend here? Favre ending his career in, say, a Dolphins uniform would probably be more fitting considering how other Hall of Fame quarterbacks have gone out. Besides, there will always be us group of fans that will always see Favre as a member of the Atlanta Falcons anyway.

  • Great point by one of the guys over at the Sports Frog, but does Favre only make huge announcements at his charity golf tournament each year?
  • Can't wait for the Peter King article this morning where he chronicles how he was talking to Favre the other night, blah, blah, blah. Does anybody else waste their resources more by trying to prove to everybody how dialed in he is? He name drops like some loser whose career has taken such a turn for the worse that the only work he could get is writing for restaurant industry newsletters.
  • How foolish do those who doubted the Gary Matthews Jr. signing feel right now? Alright, it does feel kind of silly. My bad. Matthews has been huge for the Angels. Stick with whatever you are taking right now Gary, as it is obviously working. Will this deal still make sense in a couple of years when Matthews nears 40 years old? Who cares. The Angels need to win now.
  • The umpire who tossed Hector Carrasco on Sunday really made a mistake. Sure, Carrasco hit Ian Kinsler in the head after Matthews was nailed after homering twice, but it was a bloody offspeed pitch. But you know what, it was nice to see a Rangers guy get hit in the head after all of the Angels players who have been plunked by those head-hunters. Look for Vlade or Matthews to get the dose today.
  • Phil Mickelson probably needs to stare down Tiger head-to-head before people will fully buy into his new swing. As a golf fan, that would be awesome to see. But not as awesome as it was to watch Sean O’Hair make like a weekend hacker on No. 17 at Sawgrass. Of course, most of us do that at No. 7 at Meadowlark Golf Course, but sometimes it can be reassuring to know that the pros can go through the same thing that we do.
  • Took to the time to seek out the Ducks and Red Wings game on Sunday, even though it was nearly impossible to find. Let this be a lesson to all of those MMA fans who keep hyping “human cockfighting” as the next big thing. There was as time when you couldn’t throw a wrench without hitting a hockey rink, be it ice or roller. Now those things are as hard to find as Britney Spears fans.
  • Terrell Owens actually showed up for a voluntary mini-camp this weekend. While the blogging community seeks a self-fish excuse for T.O.'s actions, maybe they should remember that this dude was the guy who played in the Super Bowl with a broken leg. Unlike the guy the Patriots just acquired, Owens does want to win.
  • Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell denounced the Eagles drafting of quarterback Kevin Kolb, saying that the club will "rue the day they passed on Dwayne Jarrett." That's a smart man right there. A THN fan, for sure. People believe that politicians should probably keep their sports opinions to themselves. Kind of like the way Tony Dungy should keep his political statements to himself.
  • Bruce Bowen is not a dirty player. As you can see in the video here, Steve Nash just needs to back up a little bit. Nash is the common denominator in a busted nose and now a knee to the groin, so maybe he deserves the blame.
  • Couldn't get into the Warrior/Jazz game on Sunday because those new Jazz uniforms are too disconcerting. When did they make that change? And when did Jazz guards start wearing shorts so big?


The Donald Trump/Mark Cuban feud has to be the nerdiest feud in the history or sports. At the very least it has the worst hair. (Especially since his feud with Vince McMahon losing his.)

And who even knew that they were at odds?

Nobody is quite sure what this current spat is about, other than Cuban thinks Trump is poor and the Donald has questioned Cuban’s ownership style. Trump really has no room to question Cuban’s ownership skills, seeing that Trump was the guy who overpaid for Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie for his USFL team, the New Jersey Generals who failed to win a championship. Jim Mora of all people actually won two USFL titles.

And why are people so annoyed by Cuban? At least he really cares if his team wins. Cuban should be the model Would you rather he act like the owner of the Royals or Pirates whose seasons are over by mid-April? Although, his teams probably would use pink bats all year.


DAWUSS said...

People tend to forget that Favre wasn't always a Packer during his career with the NFL

TJ Rubley said...

People tend to forget that I wasn't always a Packer during my career with the NFL, too.

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

The Cuban-Trump feud is at best the 3rd nerdiest feud of all time behind (#2) the Eric Wynalda-Jim Rome feud and (#1) the Sports Dork-Sklar Brothers feud

Tiger said...

What do you call the tuft of hair between Phil Mickelson's tits?

His pussy!

Anonymous said...

Y'know, we CAN combine politics and sports... Global Warming could get rid of the PAC-10...

The Bish said...

I hate name droppers.

Blonde said...

I don't care what anyone says..TO is a fucking amazing athlete. His off field behavior is questionable, but he is a hell of a player. I have always been a fan, and probably the ONLY person in Philly who was thrilled that we got him.

Gov Rendell is on sports radio and very very involved in Philly sports. I find it refreshing. I don't agree with his political views or stance but I DO believe what he says about sports. Especially this most recent QB comment.

Diane said...

Or, speaking personally, the 3rd hole at Bixby (now it's a 4 par!

Fletch said...

I'm glad you mentioned that Montana led the Chiefs to the playoffs. A lot of the time, people lump him in with folks like Emmitt who went to another team at the tail end of their careers only to flail. Much as I love the 49ers and Joe, he was pretty much forced out of SF as the natives were getting restless waiting to see Young start. If I recall, Joe led the Chiefs to the playoffs for his last two years (more than most KC QBs can say...)

KFED said...

I'm still a Spears fan.

(Where did I put that check!?!)

NFL Adam said...

I love No. 3 at Bixby. That hole caused me fits as a par three. Now it's reachable on a good drive.

WTC- On the Sklar Brothers, they win hands down. They killed in Wild Hogs.

Fletch said...

On the Sklar Brothers, they win hands down. They killed in Wild Hogs.

Wow - bad times for the Sklars. Was Carrot Top unavailable to co-star with Dumpy Travolta?