Monday, May 21, 2007

Peyton Still Mr. Chuckles

Peyton Manning was pissed when three veteran players didn't want to show up for a voluntary mini-camp over the weekend. From Peter King's column (before the pontification about the Red Sox, girls softball and coffee):

I think this is the sign that Peyton Manning is not satisfied with winning one Super Bowl, courtesy of Tony Dungy: When he reported to the offseason program, Manning was told that three veterans had not reported to the voluntary workouts and did not plan to report. "Give me their phone numbers,'' Manning said, and he called them, and he got at least two of them to come in for some of the workouts. "He hasn't changed a bit,'' Dungy told me. "His love of the game is so great to see.''

Dungy's probably just happy that Peyton's work ethic keeps him away from Kenny Chesney concerts. But maybe Peyton should have leaned on his coach, who ducked out of Sunday's practice to attend his daughter's graduation. Graduation or a cruise with Herman Edwards, basically the same thing.


DAWUSS said...

Peyton isn't trying to downgrade the absentee, he's just trying to promote the family.

(I would ask a question about his daughter, but I'm not Lil Hater...)

bucky said...

What did the Colts serve for lunch at their mini-camp?

NFL Adam said...

Wow, nice one Dawuss.

Diane said...

I'm so disgusted with Vick and Portis, that I'm having a hard time generating any enthusiasm for the NFL