Thursday, May 03, 2007

Congratulations NBA

The NBA desperately needed something to take the focus off the Lakers being eliminated from the playoffs. The Association certainly got it from the Warriors and Mavericks series. This was one of those series that could captivate a non-Lakers crowd, as it did with THN. The series was great theater.

But now what? What is left that is even compelling in the rest of the playoffs? Sadly, there isn't anything. While watching the Warriors knock off the top seed in the West was great, there is nothing left to look forward too. What's left, Warriors v. Suns? Boring. As much fun as it was to loose the Mavericks, the NBA really needed them.


Mark Cuban said...

I, like Tom Cruise for what you wrote a month ago, am going to sue you for all two hundred dollars you're worth.

Fletch said...

Liberace told me that he would never kiss a man with facial hair like that. Though he did like Cuban's wallet size, if you know what he means (I don't).

McLean Stevenson said...

Coming out of the closet would be a bad career move for Cuban. Don't let them know. I told Alda the same thing.