Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Weak Ender!

There was some scuffle between the New York Islanders' Ice Girls (who clean up the goal crease during television timeouts) and the goalie for the New York Rangers (Mike Richter?) recently that came as quite a shock. The shock being that the NHL still has a television contract. No seriously, people make fun of the NHL still being on strike, but there was a legitimate question as to whether puck was still shown on TV. Honestly.

Now you might be saying, "What gives THN, how about a picture of these Ice Girls? This is the kind of weak intro you usually use to make a post of some chicks in a state of undress." But after looking at a picture of the Ice Girls (and remember, these are Long Island chicks), the THN editorial board decided it was better just to go with a picture of Elisa Cuthbert, a noted hockey fan and a girlfriend of one of the players. Can't imagine anybody having a problem with that.

  • Phil Mickelson is wasting little time in tanking this year's Master's. Actually he could get back into this race if he shoots in the sixties today. (And here is the point where a gratuitous joke about his weight would be appropriate, but not going to do it.) Michelson's new coach Alex Rodriguez can't explain why Mickelson is folding.
  • Florida offensive lineman Ronnie Matthew Wilson was arrested Thursday, accused of firing a semiautomatic rifle in the air during a dispute with another man that started in a nightclub. This can’t be surprising because it did happen in Florida. Still, this will increase his chances of being drafted by the…Colts. Yeah, you were thinking Bengals, maybe even Titans, but the Colts have far and away seen more arrests since the Super Bowl than any other team. Peyton Manning being arrested for flashing is forthcoming.
  • Dice K made a masterful debut for the Red Sox by mesmerizing the Kansas City Royals. His Major League debut is expected next week.
  • How is it that we are five days into the new MLB season and the Yankees and Red Sox haven’t played 19 times yet?
  • Billy Donovan is not going to Kentucky. Gators fans shouldn’t get too excited because he still could go to the Miami Heat because he has the right hairstyle.

The Links

  • There is a new site to get your ready for the NFL Draft, Rookiepedia.
  • Calvin Cowherd evidentially pulled off a jerk move on The Big Lead. If you want a good round-up of the action, check out The Big Picture.
  • The Hold Steady get you ready for the MLB season. The Bain still hates baseball.


Typical Rangers (expletive), claiming that K-Rod was using a foreign substance on the ball. Maybe after years of watching its own team pitch, Texas can be a little confused by a guy like K-Rod. Yes, other pitchers can make the ball bend and stuff. Not everybody serves up home runs like Vincente Padilla.

Maybe that is why the Rangers were upset, they just couldn't bean K-Rod like they do Vlade.


DAWUSS said...

We need a new poll, BTW

Anonymous said...

And a Last and Ten.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. Where are the nudes?

K-Rod said...

Fuckin' Piazza

Seitz said...

Uh, Jim, I'm pretty sure that guy's name Colin Cowherd, not Tony Gwynn.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

dude, offseason arrests are like the new black.

NFL Adam said...

It should be noted that they were giving away K-Rod shirts last night.

Anonymous said...

K-Rod was giving away home runs, so that makes sense.

Ricardo said...

you know... somehow I expected a little more from you in your mention of Billy Donovan. said...

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