Monday, April 23, 2007

The Post Mortem

This was THN's view of Saturday night's Angels game. Maybe too close for MLB Jennifer who had Jose Guillen hit on her, Mike Napoli flash her the rock on sign and Richie Sexon discuss his twins. And Ichiro would not respond to our request to sign a free agent deal with the Angels next year. Getting spoiled by those seats are really easy. Especially for a guy that typically spends most Angels games in left field.

And why is it, anytime you score seats in a luxury box or in the Diamond Club that the Angels put on its most time efficient game, like, ever? Bartolo Colon threw only 77 pitches. He didn’t take any leisurely strolls around the mound or anything. Colon was already in his windup before Napoli even returned the ball. Not that you can complain with seats like that, just that it ended too soon.


The Red Sox and Columbus Clippers series was a letdown. Everybody is raving about the Red Sox, back-to-back-to-back-to-back homeruns against Skeet Ulrich, or whomever that was pitching for the Yankees. Is that all? The Red Sox should have done that every inning. Seriously, even the most ardent baseball fan has never heard of those guys that the Yankees are starting. How were these games even this close? The Red Sox should have blown out the Yankees, but instead had to come back three times to win. Maybe the Red Sox didn’t have an advance scouting report on these guys, but they should have really pounded those guys.

And when will the Yankees become desperate enough for pitching that they will deal Alex Rodriguez for Joe Saunders? Not that Bill Stoneman would give up such a prized piece like Saunders for A-Rod, but we can dream. Besides, most Yankees fans will tell you today that A-Rod is a choker because he made the final out against Jonathan Papelbon.

What is with the "mean" face Papelbon is making on the mound? He looks like a fifth-grader trying to look tough. No wonder nobody can hit him; they are too busy holding back laughter.
  • Sad news, Angels announcer Steve Physioc has been fired from his job for referring to catch Mike Napoli as "Nappy." The PC police have gone too far with this one. And yes, that’s a joke, but it wouldn’t surprise you if it was true.
  • Still going to have a hard time getting excited for the NBA playoffs, despite Denver and Golden State stealing Game 1 victories. That would only mean something if the series was best-of-five. But it really means nothing in a seven-game series. Do you really think that the Nuggets are going to hang on against the Spurs? Although Golden State has had some success against Dallas winning, what, six consecutive games against the top seed in the West? Still, expect both teams to be blown out in the next game.
  • Who are these guys still pitching to Barry Bonds? You have to imagine that pitchers aren’t as outraged as the rest of the world because they were likely using steroids, too. The only guy not on the juice was Jamie Moyer, and he doesn’t throw hard enough to hurt anybody.


Jean Strahan had a garage sale, selling off her ex-husbands old stuff. If only there was a way to sell the dive Brett Favre took for Strahan to get the single-season sack record. Some customers noted that some of the suits for sale seemed a little too slender. Like they were cut for a lanky corner back instead. Strange.


Fletch said...

Skeet Ulrich was teh shit in Chill Factor. He and Cuba can be my wingmen anytime.

MLB Jennifer said...

Let us not forget the two baseballs Ben Broussard toss to me when he left the underground indoor batting cages, only to go out and hit a grand slam off Shields. Okay so that last part not so cool, but the hot guy tossing me baseballs, way cool.

BTW, the Yankees AAA team is no longer in Columbus, genius. They moved to Scranton.

Diane said...

All I know is that I caught the Angels score in the bar of the Sand Bar in La Quinta in the 7th - 7 to 1 or 0, then saw that the game ended up 7-6 - nice relief work, boys.

Tony Dungy said...

There's no baseball in heaven, that's for damn sure.

Bill Stoneman said...

Hitting is overrated.

bucky said...

I think this guy should be on the Chicago Olympic Committee:

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

skeet ulrich was da bomb in Scream. matt lillard was better, but you didn't make a matt lillard joke, now did you?

NFL Adam said...

I'm kind of a Jericho fan.

Diane said...


BTW -- did Napoli's piss poor attempts to throw out runners look any better from ground level?

Signal to Noise said...

Damn it, stop playing with my hopes to have Physioc fired.