Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day Dilemma

Is there really a dilemma between going to the Angels season opener and watching the NCAA men’s final? Hardly. Been going to all of the Angels home openers back when the team once played in Anaheim. (Man that seems so long ago, now.) Besides, that is was DVRs are for…taping Prison Break. Seriously, if Zach LS knows that you are taping the game, you can expect at least one text message with a scoring update.

Seeing that everybody is doing predictions, here are some predictions for the upcoming Angels season. The Angels won’t score enough runs to match their outstanding pitching, meanwhile Troy Glaus will hit like 50 HRs for Toronto. Oh wait, that's not a prediction, rather a scenario that has continued to play itself out for like the last three seasons. Hopefully Howie Kendrick and Casey Kotchman can pick up the slack this season.

UPDATE: The Angels have signed Troy! Troy Percival to a minor-league deal so he can retire as an Angel.


Diane said...

BTW - what surgery is Dallas MacPherson currently recovering from?

Conrad Bain said...

It's MLB opening day? Well, that explains the spike in my pharmaceutical stocks.

I'll say this for MLB, though: compared to March Madness it's almost compelling. And how convenient for bookies that the fake basketball tourney ends on the same day the pumpkinheads waddle back out to the diamond.

Troy Glaus said...

There was a hysterectomy joke for the taking. Instead, it's just the truth—he is having his tubes tied.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i was expecting the text from YOU! i didn't see a minute of the nat'l championship b/c i was at an effin' passover seder. when religion and sports meet, i guess religion wins.