Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jose Guillen: Froot Loop

One of baseball's best rivalries rekindled on Tuesday when Jose Guillen and Brendan Donnelly got ejected. Well, maybe baseball is kind of lame when one of its most heated battles is waged between a middle reliever and a journeyman outfielder that has worn out his welcome in every one of his Major League stops. But when word got out that the Red Sox and Mariners had a heated exchange, there was little doubt that it was Guillen and Donnelly.

Guillen snitched about Donnelly's glove two years ago when he was a member of the Washington Nationals. He ran his mouth when he homered off John Lackey in spring training, and then he ran his mouth when Donnelly struck him out on Tuesday. But then, it seems that Guillen challenged Donnelly to a fist fight.

"I don't need to talk to him," said Guillen. "He doesn't need to talk to me either. We are grown-up people here. If he wants to settle something, he can send a bat boy over here to get me and we can settle it like men. That's all I have to say."

And then Guillen went on to say that his dad could totally kick Donnelly dad's (donkey).


Diane said...

Ah, so that's how men settle things - with the help of a bat boy

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Guillen might be Scioscia's best move of all time, that and selling his soul in 1988. What a deal he made, a championship as a player AND a manager!

Seitz said...

The Angels would not have won the AL West in 2004 without Jose Guillen, and they would not have won the AL West in 2004 had they not suspended Jose Guillen.

He's still a cocksucker, though.