Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Don't Be That Guy

There is a classic scene in PCU (that Fletch calls it an underrated movie) where Jeremy Piven's character Droz admonishes John Favreau to "don’t be that guy" wearing the T-shirt of the band he is about to see.

So by the same token, would you advise a cheerleader hopeful not to wear the jersey of the team you are trying out for? Just saying.

There are links to pictures here.


Blonde said...

I wish you would ask for my permission before posting pics of me.

In this situation, she is a fucking retard. You want them to see how good you look in THEIR uniform if you are looking to get a job. There is a reason she is a cheerleader, and not a rocket scientist or saving lives...stupid bitch.

Tom Brady said...

I'd hit it

Fletch said...

George Clinton approves of this message.

Diane said...

The one thing about the Raiders I respect is that they don't even pretend that they are looking for anything other than the girls with the biggest fake titties

Everyone loves the Angels said...

This has nothing to do with the Angels.

But the Angels do need cheerleaders.

Tony Dungy said...

I don't hate homos. I just feel better knowing they'll be wreaked assunder.