Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Battle of LA

The Lakers and Clippers battle tonight in an epic game that could very well determine the playoff fate of one of these teams, sending the loser possibly to the NBA Draft Lottery. And you know what?

Still can't care about the game at all.

Seriously. Neither of these teams are very compelling at all. The Clippers have been a huge disappointment. The playoff run last year was merely a mirage. And the only thing about the Lakers are Kobe Bryant and who Luke Walton may or may not be dating. If the NBA was smart, they would have Kerry Fraser call this game, (although he would have trouble figuring out which LA team to root against), ensuring that the Lakers would lose. Having the Lakers miss the playoffs is paramount to the long-term success of the NBA. That way, the league could fix the lottery, and have the Lakers end up with Greg Oden (who looks older than Kareem Abdul Jabbar), and then trade Andrew Bynum to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett. That would make the NBA watchable next year.

Otherwise the NBA will just end up giving the first pick to the Celtics, only to have the dude die on them.


Anonymous said...

Ouch, Len Bias was a good friend of mine..

Anonymous said...

It could have been Richard Lewis too.

Diane said...

No Kerry Fraser reference is complete without mentioning his hair.

NFL Adam said...

Good point, D.

BTW, Anonymous, you might mean Reggie Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Which Anonymous you talkin to Willis?