Friday, March 02, 2007

The Weak Ender

Evidentially you don’t have to be a particularly good baseball player to get an attractive girlfriend. The young lady pictured above is girl friend of Carl Pavano. And she is appearing in Maxim’s hometown hotties contest that you can see here.

UPDATE: We didn’t beat With Lethur after all. Damn it all.

  • Our Book of Scrap points notes that Jared Zabransky will be on the cover of EA Sports College Football 08. Interesting. Georgia won’t even come to Boise State in a computer simulation, either.
  • Your Moment of Bish: Don't be shocked if UCLA loses tonight at Washington State. The game means a lot more to the revved up Cougars than it does to the Bruins, who pretty much have a No. 1 NCAA seed safely stashed away…

    The Bruins won the game. UCLA, like Long Beach State, also locked up NIT bids. Although one of these teams might get an NCAA bid.
  • Did you notice that the Bish is awfully quite about the Tommy Lasorda rumors? Obviously he knows that it is true.
  • What is in the mind of Jake Plummer that he would rather retire than accept a trade to Tampa Bay? That would have to be one of the more ideal situations. A trade to Tampa would be similar to going to Denver, just without the rational fans. Expect him to change his mind in a few days.


Our Book of Scrap, who is getting treated like Tommy Lasorda gets treated by call girls today, has a nice review of Cowgirl's college tour. Because she is, like, a serious journalist and everything. Yes, people read Cowgirl for the articles. That's the ticket.

There also is a video floating around from an LSU student who is asking people why Big Baby should stay another year at LSU. After watching this video, look for Big Bay to announce his intentions to enter the NBA Draft as soon as possible. The stereotype of your typical LSU fan is that they are the offspring of drunken first cousins. This video ain’t helping. (And Insomniac made a meaner joke, but you will just have to ask him about it.) Cowgirl also makes an appearance in this video about a 1:10 in. She looks down and gives Big Baby two reasons why he should stay in college. (Like the NBA doesn’t have groupies with fake boobs.)

Also, look for yours truly to headline at OBoS on March 12.


yiddish steel said...

Damn! Was that JaMarcus Russell they were interviewing?! He's dumber than a barrel of bricks!! At least Cowgirl can link a noun and a verb... and a pair of fake shells.

Diane said...

Fortunately, the cameraman is unable to center the subject in the viewing lens, so the pointy heads were mostly cut off. And while Florida isn't known for its quality education system, Cowgirl could be eligible for the Southern chapter of Mensa compared to the rest of these folks - yikes

DAWUSS said...

Who the heck is "Big Baby"?

Conrad Bain said...

Cowgirl's agent should tell her to avoid profile shots. Skip the next boob job and get that beak whittled.

sec is a joke said...

the sec in a nutshell: dumb, dumber and fuckin' stupid. And that's the fans.

MThompson said...

I love the dope at the end..."If your a college student OR a college athlete, it's the greatest time of your life."

daddy said...

But what does any of this have to do with Anna Nicole Smith? Come on, dude, give us some important news.

NFL Adam said...

Turns out Pavano's chick tried out for Penthouse but was declined when they wouldn't let her cover her nipples with hair.

Maybe Cowgirl could fill in. Damn, that's is the call-back I'm looking for.

Nathan Lane said...

Maybe Cowgirl could fill in. Damn, that's is the call-back I'm looking for.

I am all over that hottie action!