Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vote on the Chargers New Uniform

How would you rate the Chargers new uniforms on a scale of super butch to super paradise?
Michael Ironside
Lee Marvin
Steve Austin
Joey Harrington
Elton John
Jm J. Bullock
Jeff Garcia
Kordell Stewart
Charles Nelson Riley
Tom Brady
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Signal to Noise said...

Bring back the damn powder blue.

Conrad Bain said...

Something to consider... the last AFC West franchise that traded in their old uniforms for Super Friends costumes immediately won two Super Bowls. Broncofan hated those unis.

If I was running the Chargers, I'd throw in a matching cape.

Chuck Norris said...

I can't believe i am not at the top of that list. Lee Marvin was a supporting actor in MY movie "THE DELTA FORCE". I'll show Shawn Merriman "lights out". I got lights out in my pants.

Conrad Bain said...

One other flaw in the poll is that Raymond "Ironsides" Burr was gay (go here and scroll down to Personal Life.) Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you, but to have Ironsides as "least gay" and Tom Brady as "most gay" is sort of like saying Paradise is better than Super Paradise.

yiddish steel said...

Dude... That's Michael Ironside as in "Jester" from Top Gun. That movie is the ultimate showcase of preening for a closet stampede: Cruise, Kilmer, Ironside, not to mention a dolled-up rug muncher like Kelly McGillis.

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

I like the white helmets.

The rest of the uniform looks like it should be worn by Ace and Gary

Conrad Bain said...

Dude... That's Michael Ironside as in "Jester" from Top Gun.

Waitasecond. You watched Top Gun?

Well, uh, like I said.... not that there's anything wrong with that. Different strokes for, uh, different folks, after all.

Fletch said...

Permission for a flyby?

Lance Bass said...

When I was in college, "Do you want to watch Top Gun?" was dorm code for "Are you a power bottom?"

Anonymous said...

Negative Ghost Rider, that pattern is full.

Jeff Garcia said...

Roger and coffee, Sailor!