Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stevens Signed by Arizona PD

This probably isn't the signing free agent Jerramy Stevens was looking for. The tight end was arrested early Tuesday morning for drunken driving with a marijuana possession kicker and really, for an NFL player, it's not that big of a deal unless you go Leonard Little on somebody. The Bengals don't even consider drunken driving an infraction anymore. Here is the best part of the report:

As he got out of the vehicle, the report said, Stevens "dropped his cell phone and wallet on the ground, bent down to pick them up, then stutter-stepped to walk" toward the officer.

Yeah, he dropped his cell phone and wallet like it was a pass in the Super Bowl.

UPDATE: That has to be going in the new mug shot HOF.

Money Grubbing Bears: Linebacker Lance Briggs said that he won't play for the Bears anymore because they refuse to give him a contract extension. The Bears have given Briggs the franchise designation that would pay him more than $7M. Now, a lot of people will wonder how Briggs can’t survive on $7M, and that is just a stupid argument. (The next time you go for a raise or complain about the rising cost of gas, remember that there are people in impoverished parts of the world who would kill to make $60K a year.) The career window for NFL players is small, Briggs has made third-round money and now that he has reached Pro Bowl status, he deserves to make money commiserate with his peers.


flyoverguy said...

I agree that NFL players should make as much as they possibly can. Briggs will be paid according to his talent (he's arguably the 2nd or 3rd best LB in the league), he's just not getting the big signing bonus he'd get if he were a free agent today.

The problem I have with him is the non-stop whining. Here in Chicago, we're hearing every stinking day. That's why we're unsympathetic.

Next, we'll hear that because he is paid less than Urlacher (but much better), the Bears are being racist for note paying him.

Just a cynical prediction.

Seitz said...

Commiserate? Spell check issue?

I assume you mean commensurate. Either that, or he was commiserating with his peers about not making enough money.

Meh. It's the Bears. Screw 'em.

Conrad Bain said...

The problem I have with him is the non-stop whining. Here in Chicago, we're hearing every stinking day.

If everyone in Chicago stopped whining, the earth would no longer have wind.

Travis said...

Jerramy Stevens, idiot! I guess he wanted to play for the Bengals. Can you believe we had a little bit of snow in Mid March in Seattle?

Anonymous said...

I also heard that they brought in Tyler Brayton to assist with the strip search...