Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Post Mortem

UCLA returns to the Final Four and that means only one thing:

More gratuitous crowd shots of Bill Walton and his wife, Soon-Yi. Seriously, why are the CBS cameras so infatuated with Walton and his wife? Especially when the UCLA girls are running around in basketball jerseys and other assorted costumes that haven't been seen since the last viewing of Showgirls.

The UCLA v. Florida match-up should be a good one, even though logic states that if the Bruins couldn’t beat the Gators last year, why should this be any different? The Bruins look much more confident this year and the team seems to have more toughness trading in Jordan Farmar for Darren Collison. Plus, you have to look back to 1991 when UNLV romped Duke in the national title game the previous year, but were upset that year in the semi-finals. So don’t let last year’s result way too much on your mind. But if the Bruins don't win, look for the myopic Bruins fans to turn on Ben Howland.

Have you ever seen a bigger meltdown than North Carolina yesterday? They went from boat-racing Georgetown to barely scoring a point in overtime. It was as if somebody switched out the Tar Heels for a bunch of Blue Devils. The Hoyas scored 31 of the final 40 points in this one. Losers such as Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Roy Williams were able to shed their choking ways for a championship, but in the end, they are chokers for a reason. Williams really did nothing to stem the tide in that one. Whereas you know Howland would have called about 20 timeouts or Tim Floyd would have those a paper onto the court or something.

Thanks to Insomniac's Lounge for today's photo. He is the absolute best in the business for finding pictures like that.

  • How are you expected to watch a Georgetown game and not do the Dr. Hibbert laugh from The Simpsons? Nearly impossible. (And yes, this is why nobody wants to watch games with your host.)

  • How does Patrick Ewing Jr. not wear an undershirt?

  • Amazing that the Ducks had its top four players in foul trouble. Or wait, that wasn’t amazing at all. Anybody could see that the Oregon was going to get homered out of the gym. A super-human effort was needed, but not delivered. Oh, and nice foul at the end of the game to allow Florida to cover the 7-point spread.

  • Tajuan Porter, way to put up 33 points against UNLV and then just disappear into oblivion. Jerk.


Actually took some time to watch Kobe Bryant on Sunday night and he only scores 43 points? That will teach you to never watch the NBA ever again.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck does this have to do with the Angels!?

DAWUSS said...

Florida - Ohio State for the NC!

... again

... only it will feature Joakim Noah and Greg Oden instead of Tim Tebow and Ted Ginn

Seitz said...

I don't trust the Duke-UNLV analogy...unless you think Florida is on the take from gamblers to throw the game the same way UNLV was in 1991. Someone with a lot of influence had the money line in that game.

Anonymous said...

Yeah how could Roy Williams miss 23 of his last 25 shots on Sunday, terrible performance. He really ought to learn how to shoot...give me a break.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

the girl picture gave lousy head.

Gaylord said...

The Dr. Hibbert laugh was hilarious. And damn boy you did a good job with your picks, if only I was in vegas to take full advantage...