Monday, March 12, 2007

Phil Disrespects The Lord’s Post Moves

Phil Jackson is tired of the Lakers use of Lamar Odom's injury as an excuse. Nor does he think that Odom's return will give his team the boost they are seeking. Instead, he had some harsh words for his team in today's Orange County Register.

The way you're playing, it doesn't matter who comes back. Jesus Christ could come back and we still wouldn't have a chance.

But that's not because the Lord wouldn’t be good. He is perfect after all. Instead, Kobe would either not pass Jesus the ball, or he would get him traded to another team. Another team that would go on to win the NBA championship.


Seitz said...

The Atlanta Hawks already tried this.

DJR said...

Doesn't Jesus already play for the Sonics? Oh, that was just a movie. My bad.

Ricardo said...

Jesus would play team ball, and wouldn't hype up insignificant injuries, so He and Kobe would be a match made in... heaven. Also, Jesus would spend time in the offseason working out, and would show up to camp in shape instead of showing up looking like Kamala; 24 would respect the heck out that.

Fletch said...

That pic is priceless, as this that Onion story (from 1996, no less - someone's got a good memory!).

Kobe would see Jesus, confuse him for just another non-black foreigner, and elbow his ass back to heaven.

Conrad Bain said...

Jesus Christ could come back and we still wouldn't have a chance.

Go figure. You'd think that the Room Service Sodomites would have all manner of daps comin' from the Lord.

God Shammgod said...

Even I couldn't help a team that relies on Kwame Brown.